Black sesame and black rice panna cotta

My friend gave me some black sesame and black rice cereal packets. I tried eating it with fruits but its has no taste. Then I decided to make it into panna cotta as I have yoghurt, sour cream and thickened cream. That will expire in 4 days.

I am pleased that it turned out well and were glad I could take this to my sister’s house for our Chinese New Year celebration tomorrow. It’s the same way on how I make most of my panna cotta.

Then all my sisters call to say that our Chinese New Year celebration has to be postponed due to stage 4 lockdown starting tonight midnight for 5 days. No visitors and 5 km radius.

What a shamed, I could share this dessert with my family. Hopefully after 5 days restriction and lockdown, we can eat this dessert which I am making a new batch. This is great yummy and wobbly sweet and beautiful. Let’s cook!!!!


5 Tbs mango flavoured yoghurt
300 g sour cream
300 ml thickened cream
300 ml milk
60 ml orange juice
150 g icing sugar
2 gelatine sheets
3 Tbs castor sugar
3 Tsp gelatine powder
2 packets of black sesame and black rice  instant cereal
a squirt of molasses


Soak gelatine sheet in water in a bowl for 3 minutes. Place sour cream, yoghurt, thickened cream, icing sugar, orange juice, milk and black sesame and black rice cereal on pot on low heat. Stir to avoid lump.

Then add gelatine sheet, squeezed out water. Stir well. Now add gelatine powder and castor sugar. Stir to dissolved. Turn off heat let pot cool slightly. Meantime, greased the jelly mould with some oil. When it has cooled completely spoon cooled panna cotta onto mould. Leave it overnight or at least 4 hours to set. Enjoy!!!!

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