Orange cranberry sauce panna cotta with cherries

Google: “Panna cotta is an Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened with gelatine and moulded. The cream may be flavoured with coffee, vanilla, or other flavourings”.

I have browsed a dozen recipes for panna cotta. Now I know about the three main characteristics: the percentage of butterfat, the amount of gelatine and the sweetness. The wobbly: the gelatine is obvious — a perfect panna cotta should have just enough that it seems the cream is just holding together. It shakes when you touch it.

My interest in Italian cooking have had taken me to create a mind blowing variety of taste and richness using the ingredient far beyond all the recipes that I had browse or imagine it will work.

My panna cotta is based on my trust in God. The more you practice the better it gets and open your heart and mind wide to all that God is doing in your life. Instead of worrying, I suggest you view them as setting the scene for God’s Glorious intervention. My motto to all is do not be discouraged by the fact that your panna cotta didn’t turnout wobbly the first time you make.

I do make mistakes too. Learn and keep learning. Best of all it turnout perfectly, smooth, melt in my mouth, satisfying my stomach, beautiful presentation, and delicious. My family and I enjoyed it. The beauty rests in the flavoured cranberry sauce and vanilla grinded texture. I love it as it can be prepared ahead of time and simply unmould it when it’s time to serve. Let’s cook!!!!


500 g yoghurt
300 g sour cream
400 ml thickened cream
150 ml milk
50 ml orange juice
150 g icing sugar
2 sheets gelatine
3 Tsp gelatine powder
3 Tbs cranberry sauce
1 Tbs castor sugar
cherries, for garnish
Vanilla grinder, for garnish (OPT)


Grease the jelly mould with oil. Soak sheets gelatine in water about 3 minutes. Place sour cream, icing sugar, yoghurt, thickened cream, orange juice, cranberry sauce and milk in saucepan on low heat; stir well to avoid lumps.

Then add sheets gelatine, (squeezed the lump gelatine then add in); stir well. Now add powder gelatine and castor sugar; stir to dissolved.

 Spoon the slightly cool panna cotta into the prepared jelly mould. Grind vanilla on top. Leave panna cotta in fridge overnight. The following day, just before serving grind the vanilla on top and garnish with cherries. Enjoy!!!

 Note: You can use glasses or ramekins if you don’t have the jelly mould. I have added 1 tsp extra gelatine powder for it to be a bit firmer and to finished off as it will expired soon. You don’t have to.