Orange and cherries panna cotta

As the year 2020 draws to a close with all the pandemic, chaos and natural disasters, receive God’s Peace. This is still our deepest need, and Jesus our Prince of Peace, long to pour Himself into our neediness. May God fill us with His very being, permeated through and through with Peace.

Thanks God for His peaceful Presence, regardless of our feelings. Whisper His Name in loving tenderness, His Peace, which lives continually in our spirit, will gradually work its way through our entire being.

God message is one of Love, Peace, Hope and freedom. God sent Jesus to be a messenger who speaks our language-sometimes with messages of correction, but always those Hope. We can trust Him. The only way we can be fruitful, is to stay connected to Him.

As we were taught by Jesus and cling to Him, the Holy Spirit produces in us His Fruit of “Love, Peace, Joy, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control. Jesus uses the Fruit He produces in us to touch the lives of others, who are then changed and grow fruit from their own lives. This makes a beautiful life that we want in 2021.

This New Year 2021, I wished for Peace in the World and each and every one will stand with me for a Peaceful World with God’s Love to fill in the very middle of our hearts and bring joyous life to all.

Last minute I decided to use all my leftover cherries and orange juice and yoghurt, sour cream, thickened cream, whipping cream and gelatine powder that is going to expired in 3 days. My oven is in the process of deep cleaning with heavy fume oven cleaner. I cannot use it for at least one week till the fume is totally gone.

I am glad to present to you New Year Eve dessert: panna cotta as I don’t like wasting food. Thanks to God I can make this New Year Eve celebration dessert with my family.

Happy New Year 2021 everyone and Have a Blessed and Richest Blessings always!!!!


500 g yoghurt
300 g sour cream
400 ml thickened cream
150 ml milk
50 ml orange juice
150 g icing sugar
2 sheets gelatine
4 Tsp gelatine powder
1 Tbs castor sugar
6 cherries meat, chopped finely
6 cherries, for garnish
Vanilla grinder, for garnish (OPT)
Strawberry flavoured whipping cream, bought for garnish (OPT)


Soak sheets gelatine in water about 3 minutes. Place sour cream, icing sugar, yoghurt, thickened cream, orange juice, cherries meat and milk in saucepan on low heat; stir well to avoid lumps.

Then add sheets gelatine, (squeezed the lump gelatine then add in);stir well. Now add powder gelatine and castor sugar; stir to dissolved.

 Spoon the slightly cool panna cotta into the prepared glasses. Grind vanilla on top. Leave panna cotta in fridge overnight. The following day, just before serving squirt strawberry whipping cream. Then add one cherry on top. Enjoy!!!

 Note: You can use ramekins if you don’t want to use glasses. I have added gelatine powder for it to be a bit firmer and to finished off as it will expired soon. You don’t have to.

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