Lemon sour cream vanilla yoghurt panna cotta

Give myself fully to the adventure of experimenting using my jelly mould and creating a bold method and skill of making panna cotta, relying on combination of my favourite ingredients: yoghurt, sour cream, milk and thickened cream.

I have every reason to be confident, because experimenting, creating and producing a delicious dessert is trial and error until I have these 4 words like a safety net, encouraging me from falling into despair: “Your dessert is delicious” when my family and friends had eaten and hearing their comments in positive manner.  

Happy Eating and experimenting!!!!!


500 g yoghurt
300 g sour cream
300 ml Lactose milk
300 ml thickened cream
150 g icing sugar
2 sheets gelatin
4 Tsp gelatin powder
1 Tbs castor sugar
1 Tbs Lemon juice, extra juice to serve (opt)
1 lemon zest, extra zest for garnish (opt)
Vanilla grinder, extra for garnish (opt)


Grease jelly mould with  a bit of oil and set aside. Soak sheets gelatin in water about 3 minutes. Place sour cream, sugar, yoghurt and milk in saucepan on low heat; stir well to avoid lumps. Then add sheets gelatin, (squeezed the lump gelatin then add in);stir well. Now add powder gelatin and juice; stir to dissolved.

 Pour warm panna cotta into the prepared mould. Grate the lemon zest and grind vanilla on top. Leave panna cotta in fridge over night. The following day, place a plate on top and flip panna cotta over, removed the back to loosen the mould. 

It should come out easily. Garnish with more zest and vanilla grinder.  Serve with fruits of your choices and some lemon juice.

Note: You can use ramekins if you dont have jelly mould. I have added gelatin powder for it to be a bit firmer. You don’t have to.


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