Stir fry vegetables

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Chicken kofta masala and vegetables curry

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Chicken kofta masala and vegetables curry

Recreated kofta curry from +maria nasir. I use bought chicken meatballs from IKEA to make this a delicious curry, I cook the chicken meatballs and vegetables in a rich, creamy and extra spicy curry.

I prefer my curry to be creamy and extra spicy to my palate and satisfied. Being creative I have also added Hen of the woods (fungus/mushrooms) to “gives it’s a distinct citrus flavour, and its a robust appetising citrus finish to the palate. It’s meaty, with a soft floral nose look, thus it’s more intense then the cultivated, as a result of it growing wild”.



20 chicken meatballs (bought)

2 medium size carrots, cut into bite size

2-3 kumato (green tomatoes), cut into wedges

1 medium eggplant, cut into bite size

1 small green capsicum, cut into bite size

1 small bunch of Hen of the woods (Fungus/ mushrooms)- given by friend (opt)


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Roasted pumpkin vegetables tempeh (tofu) risotto

Roasted pumpkin vegetables tempeh (tofu) risotto –
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Grill rump steak, mushrooms, potato, broccolini with thyme and peri sauce

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Egg noodles pasta mussels and vegetables in butter and white wine sauce

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Egg noodles pasta mussels and vegetables in butter and white wine sauce.jpg
Egg noodles pasta mussels and vegetables in butter and white wine sauce –

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Blueberries vegetables couscous in mushrooms miso broth

Blueberries vegetables couscous in mushrooms miso broth-
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Mediterranean snapper and vegetables

My brother in law friend gave a huge snapper. He caught it by boat somewhere in the sea by the Peninsula. Last night, I roasted it with vegetables as we are celebrating one of my nephew birthday.

Although snapper looks a slight dark charred; its tender juicy from Masala wine and lemon juice. I am relieved and happy that my first time cooking a huge whole snapper and vegetables are delicious.

The aroma Mediterranean spices gives it a satisfying palate and stomach to each of us at dinner. We finished the huge snapper.

Followed by serving up birthday cake, blowing cake and eating another spice dessert -apple cinnamon cake. Recipe coming soon.



1 huge whole red snapper, cleaned and gutted

4 Tbs garlic, minced with a bit oil

4 Tsp cumin powder

4 Tsp coriander powder

4 Tsp ginger powder

4 Tsp sweet Hungarian paprika

4 Tsp chilli powder

3 Tsp dried oregano

3 Tsp Moroccan powder

3 Tsp Baharat powder

3 Tsp salt

3 Tsp black peppercorns, pound finely

3 stalks fresh dill

3 colours and types of cherries tomatoes

3 colours capsicum, sliced into bite sizes

1 medium fennel, sliced thinly

1 medium Spanish onion, sliced thinly

2 lemons, 1 sliced to stuff in snapper and the other for sides

some fronds to stuff in snapper, perhaps 3

a few splashes of Marsala wine (Opt)

olive oil


Preheat oven 220 degrees C. Pat snapper dry. With a sharp knife, trim off tail a bit to fit into double lined and lightly oil foil baking tray. Then cut off fins and make 5 slits on each side of snapper. Next stuff gut cavity, and push into slits minced garlic with oil. Leave snapper on clean sink board while prepare spices.

To make the spice: combine all the spices powder, salt, and pepper in a deep plate. Use about 3/4 spice rub inside on both sides; pat the spices into the fish pushing into the slits. Set aside remainder 1/4 spice for vegetables.

Place stuffed and rub spices snapper in the prepared baking tray. Next stuff gut cavity with dill, fronds and a some lemon slices.

Sprinkle vegetables with remaining spices and drizzle with oil. Spoon vegetables around snapper with remaining lemon slices. Splash a few splash of Masala wine and generously drizzle oil over everything in tray.

Place baking tray on the lowest oven rack. Roast for 28-30 minutes until snapper and vegetables are cooked through; charred slightly snapper. Serve it straight from oven in baking tray and I squeeze juice from lemon I stuff in the snapper using tong all over it before spooning to individual plate. Serve it with rice, Chinese broccoli, and shredded chicken my mom made and my dad bought sweet and sour spare ribs.

Note: oven temperature may vary depending on size of snapper and how many. You might need less time if you don’t want a charred snapper.

You may use fresh lemon juice to squeeze the juice all over the snapper. You can serve portion snapper using the slits. Serve it with wedges of the remaining lemon and salad.




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Cheat crumbed whiting fillets with boiled vegetables in mayo, crispy prawn and XO chilli sauce

Just imagine eating the same meal as the Israelites did for forty years. They got creative: baking it, boiling it . But oh!!! how they missed the good food they had enjoyed in Egypt even though that nourishment had come at high cost of cruelty and enslavement!

We too may sometimes resent that our food isn’t what it once was. Or perhaps the “sameness” of food has caused us to discontent.

Do not give up hope. We can still survive when we have faith: God will provide for us. He gives us abundantly may it be resources or natural gifts to fills our soul with “good things”. I am using what God had given me and am sharing it with you.

Instead of pasta or meat meal all the time; let go for seafood to live up our curb for a better nourishment and satisfying meal.

This is healthy delicious creative colourful and satisfying main meal that will make your mouth dripping water!!!! Also various method to liven up your plate with different method of cooking your meat if you insisted on having meat. I have attached the recipe below.

Here’s more seafood recipe:

If your family like burgers.

Here’s my burger recipes:beef and chicken:

Let get cooking seafood dinner!!!!

1 packet crumbed whiting mini fillets (bought)
a hand full of Brussel sprouts, stem removed
1 carrot, stem removed and cut into bite size
1 celery, cut into bite size
A few squirts of mayonnaise *Note*
2 Tsp crispy prawns chilli sauce (bought)
2 Tsp XO chilli sauce ( given by friend)
salt and pepper


Preheat oven 200 degree C. Line tray with foil and place fillets. Meantime, bring water to simmering and add salt, Brussels sprouts , carrot and celery.

Then place tray in oven baked the fillets for 12 minutes or until cooked golden crispy. Removed from oven plate up with boiled vegetables. Next drizzle mayo, crispy prawns and XO sauce. Serve with pear cider.

Note: To make your own mayo see my recipe blog:


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Crumbed white fish fillet with boiledvegetables in mayo crispy prawns and XO sauce

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