Helen’s corque-monsieur chocolate

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Easy Croque-Monsieur
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Helen’s croque-monsieur chocolate

I have relabbed +FrenchTouch Easy Croque-Monsieur with a bit of my experiment side. I had added chocolate to it and use a jaffle machine.

Here’s in OZ, we usually called it ham and cheese toastie (jaffle). I do from time to time have ham and cheese for brunch as well as dinner.

Since +FrenchTouch posted it; I just have got the crave for creative yet yummy croque-monsieur. So I made it today.

Mine has chocolate, cheese and magarine oozey dripping out. Taste like minty choco-buttery cream. Below is the link to +FrenchTouch:Easy Croque-Monsieur.

Here’s my OZ version:

5 slices of doubled smoked ham (Bought)
3 slices of Gouda cheese
2 slices Helga Traditional bread
2 strips of 70% block Chocolate ( bought chocolate mint flavour)
1 Tbs sour cream, to spread the bread
1 Tsp spreadable magarine
oil for spray the zapple machine


Spread thin layer on bothside of the bread with sour cream. Place a slice on a lightly sprayed oil zapple. Then add doubled smoked ham, Gouda cheese slices and the chocolate mint. Next add magarine then place the second piece of bread and close the cover of zapple. Then switch on the plug to cook 3-5 minutes, when light turn green its ready. Switch off the jaffle machine and remove with wooden spoon or chopstick the toasted bread. Plate up and bon appetit!!!

Note: you can cook it on pan if you dont have zapple mchine.

Check out the recipe for: Easy Croque-Monsieur: https://frenchtouchto.com/2018/03/19/easy-croque-monsieur/


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