Bacon egg and chocolate croque monsieur with blueberries

Easy Croque-Monsieur

Lunch for one person

This is simple easy bacon egg and chocolate croque-monsieur recipe, using a jaffle machine cooked in 3-5 minutes. I have taken it up next level with sweet apricot jam, chocolate chips, and serve with blueberries.

I usually called it ham and cheese toasties (jaffle). I do from time to time have ham and cheese for brunch as well as dinner. As with most croque-monsieur recipes, today’s, ready cooked bacon, and egg in advance with chocolate chips croque-monsieur is super easy to cook.

This croque-monsieur is delicious with cooked bacon and egg that is versatile: fried in bacon fat. I have also added apricot jam with chocolate chips on my toasties so to have oozy chocolate and jam dripping out. Serving with blueberries give my palate a burst of flavourful richness to savour my easy lunch. Enjoy!!!! Let’s jaffle party time!!!!


3 slices of cooked shortcut bacon: no fat rindless (Bought)
1 egg, fried in bacon fat
2 slices bread, buttered both side
5 g Chocolate chips (bought)
1 Tbs apricot jam spread the bacon


Spread thin layer on both side of the bread with butter. Place a slice on the jaffle. Then add fried egg, cooked bacon, spread apricot jam and chocolate chips. Next place the second piece of bread and close the cover of jaffle. Then switch on the plug to cook 3-5 minutes, when light turn green its ready. Switch off the jaffle machine and remove with wooden spoon or chopstick the toasted bread. Plate up and bon appetite!!!

Note: you can cook it on pan if you don’t have jaffle machine. You can add any ingredients of your choice like ham, cheese, cream fraiche or sour cream. You can add salad and cheese like kraft brand cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, and pecorino.

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