Strawberry mandarin smoothie with cream strawberry sauce and sprinkles chocolate

The past few days Christmas festive I have had too much of food meat eating. Too full to eat, as well as my oven is been sprayed with oven cleaner and am leaving the foam in for at least two days and needed at least two days of freshness before I start to bake again.

I am eating only smoothies, and best to have fruits. With hot days, Summer, best use my strawberry, mandarin, strawberry sauce. Here’s my creation smoothie. Enjoy it at the backyard sunbaking for my bones. Let’s make it.


180 g strawberries, stems removed and cut into bite size
1 mandarin, peel and removed pips
100 g yoghurt
4 Tbs of water
cream (bought in a can)
strawberry sauce
chocolate sprinkles


Put strawberries, mandarin segments, yoghurt, and water in a nutri bullet. Blitz until smooth. Pour into glasses and squeeze some cream, spoon some sauce over and sprinkles chocolate on top. Enjoy!!!!!