Poached egg in jelly mould bacon salad on bread

After an hour in the heat of 31 degrees C, my goodness I look like cooked lobster. Apply lot of suntan and cream. As I were grabbing some ice to cool my skins down. I found some leftover bacon and the salad too don’t look fresh. Will have to use them as I don’t like to waste food.

Google: “What is bacon? Depending on the part of the pig that bacon is taken from, it may be streaky with fat or thick and meaty. Strips of bacon, also called rashers. Before being used, a chunk of bacon is typically cut into rashers, although it can also be chunked or cubed for various recipes.

My stomach is growling every minutes. I decide to just cook the bacon on stove. As usual I love to create my food on the plate. So, I use my jelly mould in the shape of strawberry to poach the egg. Then my mind craving for chili sauce and I added in. Now my lunch is creative, with craving for chili sauce ended with colourful delicious meal. Let’s cook!!!


3 bacon rashes
1 egg
1 slice of bread
sliced mushrooms
chili sauce
chili flakes
oil (OPT)


I watch Jamie Oliver cook bacon on a cool pan. Today I am exploring his way. Place bacon rashers in a cold frying pan, making sure not to overlap. Bring pan to medium heat slowly. Turn bacon frequently for about 5-9 minutes or until cooked to your liking. Pour off fat into a heatproof bowl (see note) and drain bacon rashers on paper towel.

Meantime, Clean the pan with a paper towel and add hot water about 2 inches. Grease the strawberry jelly mould with butter. Crack the egg inti the jelly mould and place in the pan with hot water. Poach it until the white cooked with yolk a bit runny.

While poaching egg, butter bread and place spinach and mushrooms on top and some mushrooms on the side. When the egg done. Flip it out onto the middle of bread with salad and mushrooms. Then place each rash on the sides and one at the bottom on top of mushrooms. Garnish with chili sauce on bacon and chili flakes with a bit of oil on the poached egg. Enjoy with another glass of Strawberry mandarin smoothie with cream strawberry sauce and sprinkles chocolate smoothie.