Strawberry sauce

Bought strawberries as they were on sale. Instead of making smoothie or juice or decorate my cake. I decided to try make strawberry sauce to go with ice cream or as garnish for cake. All you need are three ingredients.

This is very simple sauce that can be added to meat too just like I have made blueberries sauce. I am glad that I tried making it. I never bothered to hull the strawberries like many recipes I see they recommend to do it. It looks smooth and beautiful colour. Let’s cook!!!


275 g strawberries, cut into bite size
50 g icing sugar
1 Tbs orange juice (bottle)


Place cut up strawberries, icing sugar and orange juice in a pot. Bring it to simmer on low heat, stir until strawberries completely softened about 5-10 minutes. Once cool completely, blend in Nutri Bullet with about 2-4 Tbs water. Pass through a sieve for an extra smooth puree sauce. Place in an airtight container and in fridge. Serve with ice cream, meat or as garnish for cake.