Strawberry jelly pudding

Felt like making pudding and my strawberries aren’t looking fresh anymore. Then my thickened and double creams will expire in 3 days. I don’t like to throw them away. Since I last made this berries orange jelly with strawberries, Today, I am using thickened and double cream instead of cream cheese.

Also trying it with cornflour instead of gelatine. I have to say it didn’t come out as beautiful as I wanted it for my birthday treat. It’s not firm but still delicious, to enjoy. Next time, I will not use cornflour best use gelatine.

If I never try using different ingredients, I never will know it would turned out perfect. Got to courageous and experiment it. Glad that I tried it and it’s easy to make just needed to be patience for it to set and I have something to eat. Let’s cook!!!!


300 ml thickened cream, remove 6 Tbs
300 ml double cream
300 g strawberries, divided
1 packet  strawberry aeroplane jelly
250 ml hot boiling water
200 ml cold water
6 Tbs cornflour
6 Tbs castor sugar
1 Tsp vanilla essence
pinch of salt
oil to grease the jelly mould


Grease jelly mould with olive oil and set aside. Mix 6 Tbs thickened cream with cornflour make sure no lump. Then add vanilla, salt and castor sugar, stir to mix well until it form like batter form and set aside until needed.

Cut 150 g strawberries into bite size and place in the prepared greased jelly mould. Heat thickened and double cream in pot over medium heat. Stir constantly until both cream are hot not boiling bubbly hot. Add the vanilla batter and stir constantly until the batter liquid stick to the back of spoon. When the batter is thick enough to coat the spoon. Off the hob. Let’s cool for 10 minutes before pouring into the jelly mould with strawberries. Refrigerate for 6-8 hours, I put in fridge overnight.

The following day

Put kettle on. Place strawberry jelly powder in a deep bowl. Once kettle boil. Add hot boiling water into raspberry jelly powder. Stir until powder dissolved. Then add cold water and stir again. Let’s cool for 15 minutes before pouring it on top of the strawberry pudding that has set. Cut the remaining 150 g strawberries into bite size and put into the jelly. Place back in fridge overnight.

When time to serve turn the mould upside down onto a plate. Release the back of the mould and let jelly pudding slip out onto plate.  I nearly drop the plate when I flip it over so, it’s not sitting right in the middle as I wanted. Phew!!!!! Serve it with more strawberries or just eat on its own. Enjoy!!!!

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