Berries orange jelly with strawberries

My sister gave me some more of her mini oranges. Found that my raspberries jelly packet will expire in a week and spreadable cheese in two days. Also have leftover strawberries that won’t last anymore.

This is like panna cotta but it’s not. Neither it is a pudding. I have added gelatine so that it stays firm. It’s a simple quick easy dessert that you can take it to friends for dessert.

Glad that it turned out well. My dessert is not too sweet and has soft firm creamy texture and flavoured with orange and strawberries. Let’s get going making jelly.


6 mini oranges, remove skin and pips
4 strawberries, stem remove, cut into bite size
1 packet aeroplane raspberry
250 g spreadable cheese
250 ml hot boiling water
200 ml cold water
3 Tsp gelatine
olive oil, for grease


Strawberries, remove stems


Grease jelly mould with olive oil and set aside. Put kettle on. Place raspberry jelly powder in a deep bowl. Once kettle boil. Add hot boiling water into raspberry jelly powder. Stir until powder dissolved. Then add cold water and stir again.

Put spreadable cheese, oranges, 4 strawberries, 1/8 c water into Nutri Bullet. Blend until blended well. In a cup add gelatine and some water, stir and sit for about 1 minute until dissolves.

Now add orange strawberry mixture into raspberry jelly. Stir to mix well. Then add the gelatine and stir again. Making sure gelatine is dissolved. Pour into jelly mould and refrigerate overnight until firm. Next day, unmould jelly onto plate and garnish with strawberries. Enjoy!!!