Prosecco cosmopolitan tropical cocktail with blueberries

Want something refreshing as well as cocktail drink. I have always love Prosecco with orange juice. Well, I have use Prosecco in making risotto and potatoes, rice and mussels. Also, my brother in-law did add in with aperol and soda water with a thin wedge of orange. As I have about 400 ml left of Prosecco. I better get rid of it. Hmm!!! what am I going to explore Prosecco with?

So, my mind said I have not done any drink. Let be Mr. Hyde the mad scientist, of course I am not making Frankenstein. I am making an alcohol refreshing drink. Found cosmopolitan in the pantry, in the fridge Prosecco, tropical juice and blueberries. Hooray!!! let put on mad food scientist hat.

There are only 4 ingredients in it. 5 ingredients if you want to blend 3 of them with ice and then add blueberries. As, I am happy to have them chill in fridge, so I omit the ice. I just love the sweet tangy with a bit of mellow flavour with each mouthful drink the blueberries also goes in. It’s a cool and chilling refreshing drink, brrrr, brrrr. Cheers everyone!!!!


400 ml Prosecco
300 ml Tropical juice
200 ml Cosmopolitan
125 g blueberries, wash and dry


In a jug, add top 3 the ingredients, mix well. Then pour into your glass. If you want ice, blend the first 3 ingredients and then add the blueberries. You can add extra garnish such as lime slice on your glasses or mint leaves. Cheers!!!!