Salted caramel oats strawberry sauce pudding

Well before the calendar flips to December, Christmas comfort dessert begins to bubble up in my house. What came to my mind is pudding as we are having Winter cold miserable days. It’s difficult to turn anywhere without seeing evidence of Christmas spirit – food that is comforting, hearty to keep us warm.

Glooming days needed bright lights so too each food with different colour, illuminating a breathtaking “Christmassy meals to cheer up. Some people love these lavish meals or desserts. Others take a more cynical view. I know Christmas is 6 months away.

This pudding is a twist of tiramisu, layers of different colourful ingredients. The very bottom layer is salted caramel, second is fruit oats, third layer has strawberries and sauce, fourth layer is savioardi biscuits and the last is whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

It’s quite a lovely sight, when layering is done with great attention. Anyone can create their own creative way of their dessert. Mine is a Christmassy comfort, colour, enticing, and delicious dessert. That one glass is not enough. Let’s get cooking!!!


Caramel layer

20 g butter
150 g brown sugar
20 ml thickened cream
100 ml plum liqueur
2 Tsp lime juice
1 1/4 Tsp sea salt

Fruit Oats

1 packet apple and cinnamon oats
1/2 c skim milk
2 Tsp honey

Strawberries and sauce

100 g white sugar
4 Tbs orange juice
290 g strawberries, stems removed, washed and dried
150 g strawberries, stems removed, cut into pieces
2 Tbs water
1 Tbs orange liqueur
A tiny drop or two of balsamic glaze (OPT)

Savioardi biscuits

4 savioardi biscuits, broken into pieces


Whipped cream, bought
Sprinkle chocolates, bought


1st layer salted caramel

Place butter in pot on medium heat. Add sugar and salt, don’t stir just swirl the pot until sugar is dissolve. Now add in thickened cream and liqueur; it will splatter so turn to low heat. When it has settled down add in juice. Set aside to cool about 30 minutes. Then divide it into glasses and refrigerate at least 4 hours.

2 nd layer fruit oat

This is simply opening the packet of oat. Place in a bowl with milk and honey. Microwave on high for 90 minutes. In between, bring out the bowl, gives a stir a couple of time. When done, bring out from microwave and set to cool about 30 minutes. While waiting for it to cool down bring out the glasses with salted caramel from fridge to room temperature. When it’s has cool down, divide the oats into glasses. Then back into fridge for a further 3 hours.

3rd layer strawberries and sauce

Put sugar in a pot another on high heat. Stir until sugar is melted, add 290 g strawberries. Continue stirring till strawberries becomes mushy, remove from heat. Allow to cool a little about 20 minutes. Then transfer to a blender and add water, blend until completely pureed. Strain puree back to pot and return to heat – medium. Add liqueur and balsamic glaze. Stir gently until sauce is reduced by 1/2. Now add the 150 g strawberries pieces, just toss in sauce. Allow to cool, bring out glasses to room temperature then divide strawberries with sauce into glasses.

4 th layer savioardi biscuits and garnish

Break the savioardi biscuits straight into glasses. Then, before serving, squeeze the whipped cream on top and sprinkle chocolates. Enjoy!!!!

Note: You can make any type of flavoured pudding if you like. You can even add panna cotta instead of fruit oats. You can make any flavour sauce or omit it. You can use any biscuits. Make your own cream and garnish with more fruits or chunky chocolate or praline.