The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is a spectacular building. It’s architecture is spellbinding and its stained-glass windows and beautiful interior features are breathtaking.

Over the years, the cathedral also needed renovation to maintain it’s beauty. So to my passion to create cake with unique pairings, moist, soft, fluffy and deliciousness is by taking it up to next level; just like the Cathedral maintenance needed. Well, the more practice the better it get – that’s my goal with God’s help.

I have recreated it from Lisa Ho one of the food blogger. Her website is below. I have taken it to the next level so that I can called it my own. Instead of cocoa powder, I have added strawberry and blueberry plus I also added self-raising flour and use vanilla extract.

However, my baking time is much more longer than Lisa Ho’s recipe. Well, you got to be patience. I keep testing it- inserting skewer in a couples of time until finally skewer comes out clean. Phew!!!!

Even though its not as beautiful as the Notre Dame Cathedral. I am very please that I did it only one time; its moist, soft, fluffy and delicious.

Praise God that I rely on Him. I shared it with my friends and family; they said its really interesting, unique pairings and moist delicious. Its gone within 10 minutes of serving. I should have bake it in a bigger pan. Next time.

It’s not an easy cake to make when using mayonnaise an extra ordinary ingredients. But be courageous!!!! Let’s bake and good luck.

This cake I use my souffle ovenproof bowl about 7″.

235 g plain flour
225 g castor sugar
150 g mayonnaise, bought traditional brand
200 ml hot boiling water
250 g strawberry
100 g blueberry
100 g self-raising flour
50 g corn flour
1 egg
2 Tsp baking powder
2 Tsp vanilla extract
2 Tsp Cosmopolitan cocktail (opt)


Preheat oven 180 degrees C. Grease butter and line souffle bowl with baking paper. Cut strawberry into slices. Arrange it at the bottom of souffle bowl half. Keep the other half for top.

Sift both flour, baking powder, corn flour 4 times into mixing bowl. Next add sugar and stir with a big metal spoon to combine well.

Then add mayonnaise, hot water, blueberry, cosmopolitan and vanilla. Gives a really good mixing until its smooth. Very important: Check batter consistency; not to runny nor to gluey.

Then spoon batter into prepared souffle bowl. Gently press in the remaining strawberry on top. Give a gentle knock.

Now comes the hard part bake in oven 40 minutes uncovered; insert skewer in and if comes out gluey. Then put in oven again and cover with a metal bowl high enough so not touching the souffle and gives allowance of 2 inches height that can withstand oven heat for 30 minutes.

Now insert skewer in again; if not so gluey but still have film of batter. Then put back in for another 20 -30 minutes uncovered. Before switching off oven insert skewer in again to check that skewer will comes out clean.

Once skewer clean. Switch off oven, leave cake in oven with door close for 30 minutes. Then cool on bench top for 30 minutes before turning out onto cake base. Serve with brewed coffee or tea and extra berries on the sides.

Note: You might need less or more time as oven temperature vary. It’s quite hard to get the batter right. It’s depend on how much passion you want to bake this cake.

You may want to use more mayonnaise. I use 150 g as that’s all I have from my bottle. You might want to reduce water volume a bit. You may omit self-raising flour.

You may want to add other fruits. Its your choice.

The original recipe from Lisa Ho:…/11/mayonnaise-chocolate-cake.html 


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