Let mayo tango dance shall we!!!!

Previously I bake a berries mayonnaise souffle cake which were successful, delicious, moist, and soft. Recipe is attached below. 

In this cake, I decided to use my strong bread flour as its expired a week ago. I don’t like wasting it. I therefore add self raising flour with the expired strong bread flour. And adding black sesame seeds, minneola tangelos and Botrylis Semillion white wine with mayonnaise.

Surprisingly, its turned out delicious, moist, exotic sweet and tangy flavour. A great way to finished off picnic meal or even home cook meal as this cake cleanses all the oily heavy flavour food.

What is minneola tangelos? “Minneola like oranges, they are an excellent source of vitamin C, folate and potassium. For those in the know, this makes them a demanding item similar to clementine mandarins or Ruby Red grapefruits”. “Minneola tangelos can be used to make a delicious cake”.

“Tangelos are a cross between a Dancy tangerine and an ancestral variety of grapefruit called pomelo. Their name borrows a little from each, tang-elo“.

“The sweet, intense flavor of tangerines comes through in a tangelo but is tempered by the tart and tangy, flowery taste of grapefruit. This results in a fruit that is sweet-tart, exotic in flavor and extremely juicy”.

Why I am using mayonnaise? Well, I do not need to wait till butter softened or having to stock up my olive oil more often as I use them to bake all my cakes.

250 g strong bread flour
200 g castor sugar
200 g mayonnaise; bought traditional brand
50 g self raising flour
180 ml boiling water
50 ml Botrylis Semillion sweet white wine
3 small minneola tangelos, pureed
6 Tsp corn flour
2 eggs
2 Tsp baking powder

Marmalade jam spread on top (opt)


Preheat 180 degrees C. Grease and line a 8″ pan. Set aside. Cook minneola tangelos for 2 hours till softened, cut into small pieces, remove any pith’s and blend till pureed with water, cool and set aside for later.(See note).

Sift bread flour, self raising flour, corn flour and baking powder. Add sugar and mix well. Next add mayo and pureed minneola tangelos and eggs. Mix well. Then add wine and vanilla; mixing hard and high with a metal spoon so its airy and have smooth batter.

Now spoon it into prepared. Smooth top and bake 1 hour or until skewer comes out clean. Leave in switch off oven with door close for 30 minutes. Then remove from oven to cool on rack for 30 minutes. Turn it on to cake base and cool further before spreading marmalade jam on top. Serve with tea.

Note: Place minneola tangelos in pot with water. Bring to boil; keep adding water if water reduced after 20 minutes or 30 minutes. You want it soft. Once soft, drain the water into a jug as you will need 180 ml for pureeing it when water and minneola tangelos are cool enough to cut.

Oven temperature vary. You may need less or more time. If top of cake brown quickly cover with a cookies tray or foil.

Instead of strong bread flour, you can use plain flour and self raising flour. Or just use all plain flour only. You can try just using strong bread flour only.

You may omit sweet white wine and use orange liqueur. You may omit black sesame seeds if you don’t want to use it. You can use white sesame seeds or just have minneola tangelos only.

Berries mayonnaise souffle cake:


Definition of minneola tangelos:



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