Salt & pepper crumbed prawns, colourful carrots, cherries tomatoes on a bed of salad with mayonnaise and chilli sauce

Salt and pepper crumbed prawns, colourful carrots cherries on a bed of salad with mayo and chilli sauce

Bought salt & pepper crumbed prawns, found colourful carrots, got leftovers cherries tomatoes and salad. There are few more squirt of mayonnaise might as well use it and must have chili sauce.

Well, this is really a luxury meal for me. I got this at a cheap price, its tasty delicious crispy as well. Let’s cook!!!!


1 packet salt and pepper crumbed prawns, 6-8 per person (bought)
1 small packet of salad mixed
1 packet of coloured carrots, removed some of the green stems and ends, washed, dried
1 punnet 250 g cherries tomatoes
a few squirts of mayonnaise *Note*
salt and pepper
spray olive oil

Ingredients for the Chilli Sauce

6 whole red long chilli
4 bird eyes chilli (opt)
2 garlic, finely diced
thumb size ginger (2 mm thick)
1 Tbs Lime juice
1 Tsp caster sugar
2 Tbs chicken stock
1 Tsp chicken oil, obtained from rendered Chicken fat during the Chicken Rice preparation
1 Tsp fish oil
A pinch of Salt (to taste)


Preheat oven 200 degrees C. Line tray with foil and place the rub oil and seasons with salt and pepper carrots and cherries tomatoes in oven. Roast the carrots and cherries tomatoes about 12 minutes or until cooked (charred a bit) or to your liking; turn over halfway through cooking.

In another lined tray place the prawns. Then place in oven middle rack for 8-12 minutes; turn over after 5-6 minutes and continue to cook through.

Once carrots and prawns are cooked removed from oven. Place prawns on top of salad. Next carrots and cherries tomatoes. Then squirts some mayonnaise and chilli sauce around them. Serve with cold beer.

To make the chilli sauce: combine chilli, ginger, garlic, sugar and salt in a blender to make a paste. Add the lime juice, chicken stock, oil and fish oil and blender to mix well.

Note: I have my chilli sauce ready in advance. Chili paste for sauce can be made in advance and freeze. Do not add liquids if you are going to freeze it. When you want to use add the liquids.

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