Coffee grande custard with fruits and chocolate sprinkles

Found this picture again. I made this on a very hot day, think it in Summer. Coffee grande is the name of the ice cream. I bought it as it were on sale. Got some leftover vanilla custard that I have made sticky dates pudding, best use it before it expired as I don’t like wasting food.

This is a no mess and not a lot of utensils to wash. I think its great idea to let the children explore and experiment making a simple quick dessert that they don’t need to be watch or being helped with things that needs supervision: baking or cooking on stove. You can make this for the adults to enjoy too.

It’s a simple dessert to have with all the ingredients that I have at home. I enjoyed being creative and experimenting the combination of my food. Well, here’s my dessert to cool down on Summer hot days. It’s not heavy, colourful, simple, quick and delicious. Let’s make it!!!!


3 scoops of coffee grande
50 ml vanilla custard, bought
chocolate sprinkles


Pour vanilla custard into a bowl. Scoops three scoops of ice creams and place into the custard. Next add blueberries around ice cream and some on top of ice cream with raspberries. Then sprinkles chocolate sprinkles all over the ice cream and serve immediately. Enjoy this cool dessert on hot Summer Days.