Craisins and sunflower seeds kheer

Google: “The word kheer is derived from the Sanskrit word for milk, kshira (क्षीर). Kheer is also the archaic name for sweet rice pudding. Kheer, also known as payasam, is a sweet dish and a type of wet pudding popular in the Indian subcontinent, usually made by boiling milk, sugar or jaggery, and rice, although rice may be substituted with one of the following: daals, bulgur wheat, millet, tapioca, vermicelli, or sweet corn.”

“Kheer can be eaten as a breakfast, after meal dessert or just when the mood strikes for something sweet! Rice kheer is garnished with nuts and raisins. Various nuts like cashews, almonds and pistachios can be used. Apart from enhancing the nutrition profile of the dish, nuts also make for a delicious and crunchy toppings. Rice present in kheer contains a good amount of starch which helps in improving gut health and reducing inflammation. The rice in kheer recipe is also rich in carbohydrates that can help in bringing back the glycogen, which gets used up while doing heavy exercises. Basmati rice is widely used in North Indian cuisine. Most recipe milk ratio: 1/4 c rice for every 4 c full cream milk.”

Here’s my second time making kheer. I use normal plain cooked rice instead of basmati as I have leftover plain rice as you know I don’t like wasting food. I have also reduced my milk to 500 ml, I wanted it to have some texture in my kheer. I would like to add saffron but it’s too expensive to buy. I have omitted it. My kheer is simple with craisins and sunflower seeds and its sweet, has rice texture, beautiful, comforting and delicious!!!! Let’s cook.


1 cup cooked rice or leftover if you have any 2-3 days old
500 ml milk
1/2 c sugar
2 cardamom pods, lightly bruise
1 Tsp vanilla essence
1 Tsp nutmeg powder
craisins, extra for garnish
sunflower seeds, extra for garnish


In a medium pot on low-medium heat. Bring milk to boil. Add rice, sugar, cardamom, vanilla essence, and nutmeg powder. Mix well to break up any lumps. Cover with a lid and let mixture simmer for about 10 minutes.

Remove the lid and cook further on low heat for about 15-20 minutes until milk has reduces to half. Add in some craisins and sunflower seeds. Keep stirring and scrapping bottom to prevent it sticking to the bottom and sides.

Switch off the heat when the rice grains are completely cooked. The kheer will also thicken. When rice kheer cools slightly it will thicken more. Spoon on to bowls and garnish with extra craisins and sunflower seeds. Serve it warm or chill. For chill in fridge for about 30 minutes.

Note: You can add 1 tablespoon rose water instead of vanilla essence to the rice kheer. You can use basmati rice for that fragrant aroma. If you don’t have basmati rice then use any fragrant rice variety or long-grained rice or your regular rice. You can use nuts instead of sunflower seeds. You can use any amount of fruits and any fruits of your choice, sugar and nuts if you are using can be adjusted to your taste. You might want to reduce sugar to 1/4 c.