Mulberry strawberry and apple smoothie

With temperature rising to top 39 degrees C. My friend brough me some mulberries. It’s won’t last the next day. I also have strawberries too that won’t last for another two days. In my fruit bowl there is just an apple. Best use it as it doesn’t look fresh since the past few days in a row with hot temperature. Too cool down in this heat, I decided to made smoothie.

Google: “They’re a good source of iron, vitamin C, and several plant compounds and have been linked to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and cancer risk. These berries have also been used in Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years to treat various illnesses, though evidence to support their effectiveness is weak. We often wonder “How many mulberries can be eaten per day?” We at Naturally provide you with the answer! 40g is the recommended daily amount for a balanced and above all healthy lifestyle.”

I don’t like wasting food. Too hot to eat so let get the supplement from smoothie. The colour is vibrant, healthy and delicious. Let’s keep cool this summer hot days!!!!


30 g mulberries, branches removed, washed and dried
6 strawberries, stem removed
1 apple, cored and cut to bite size
1/4 c thickened cream
3 Tbs water


Put all the ingredients in the Nutri Bullet. Blitz them still smooth and well combined. Then pour into glasses. Refrigerated for a few hours. Enjoy!!!!