Mango smoothie

To cool myself down, I went to a supermarket to browse for some meat to go with my zucchini that is not going to last. Guess what I saw from the corner of my eye’s mango on sale. Couldn’t resist it bought 2.

Google: “Mangoes help protect and support the body in a number of ways, especially when they are consumed in whole form and not with the added sugars found in canned mangoes. They contain several antioxidant compounds which help protect or delay damage from “free radicals,” unstable atoms or molecules that can damage cells and cause diseases such as cancer.”

“It’s an antioxidant so it can help with oxidative stress in the body. The primary benefit, in addition to being a really good source of vitamin C, is that (mangoes) are a decent source of vitamin A, folate and are pretty high in fiber, which is beneficial for colon cancer prevention, heart disease and weight control.”

This time my smoothie is thicker than most of my smoothies. I know smoothie mostly made by using yoghurt, milk and banana or water and with frozen fruits. As I am courageous and love to explore the varieties of ingredients, so today I have use two different ingredients for a change, extra taste bud and exploring the flavour. To my surprise it turned out thick delicious cooling smoothie to have in summer heat day. Let’s be adventurous and keep improving making smoothie!!!


2 mangoes, cut into pieces and remove seeds
1/2 c vanilla custard
5 Tbs water
1/8 Tsp nutmeg powder


Put one and a half mango pieces, vanilla custard, water and nutmeg powder in the Nutri Bullet. The half mango cut pieces put in bowl in fridge for later to garnish. Blitz until smooth and well combined. Pour into glasses and refrigerated for a few hours. Just before serving, place two to three mango pieces on top and serve cool. Enjoy!!!!