Kwonlow mee with char chee yoke and achar

What is kwonlow mee? Well, it’s a dry noodle toss in black sauce serve with meat and vegetables. It’s very popular in Malaysia and Singapore. We usually have it for breakfast with char siu or siew yok and comes with a small bowl of prawn dumpling soup. In fact, can be served at lunch and dinner too.

Some vendors in Malaysia also include roast duck. It can also be lighter brown colour or just clear sauce- yellow noodles is visible. Of course, roast duck would taste extra delicious and expensive. Some with shredded chicken as well. I have change it a little knowing me love to create and explore the various ingredients. I added char chee yoke and achar.

Google: What is achar: “Appetizing, sour and spicy great taste, achar is always a popular and high-demand “commodity in in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. They are mixed vegetables with a very flavourful mix of spices and herbs that give you that sour, salty, sweet, slightly spicy, and umami taste at the same time. They are so delicious that you will find an excuse to eat them with pretty much anything.” My grandma used to cook it all the time and handed down to my aunt and mom. I have learned from helping and watching my mom make them.

Char chee yoke: It’s a traditional Hakka braised pork belly with a lot of fat. You got to get at least 3 layers: skin, fat and meat that what my grandma told my mom. As the years goes by all of us kind of not keen on too fatty pork belly, so mom got the pork with a bit less fat. Yet, it still has the same flavour from the marinade as it has to be marinade for 2-4 hours.

I have made achar a few weeks ago and char chee yoke two days ago. I have attached the recipes for char chee yoke and Helen’s Achar (Malaysian nyonya mixed vegetables pickled) at the bottom. I just warm up char chee yoke and add in achar which can be eaten cold or hot. Let’s cook!!!!


1 packet fresh dry (kwonlow) noodles


1 Tbs dark black caramelised soy sauce (kicap manis)
1 Tbs sesame oil
1 1/2 Tsp soy sauce
1 1/2 Tsp oyster sauce, extra for drizzling on minced pork (OPT)
1/4 Tsp oil (OPT)


Bring a pot with water to boil. Meantime loosens one ball dry noodles with hands one at a time. Once water has boil, drop loosen noodles into strainer, toss and stir in boiling water for about 30 seconds to 1 minutes. Drain dry before adding to the sauce and stir to mix well.

To assemble: On each plate, put the sauces then the noodles; toss the noodle in the sauce. Spoon some of the warmed up char chee yoke over the noodle and achar on the side. Serve with Chinese tea or white wine. Enjoy!!!!

My Char chee yoke recipe:

My Helen’s Achar (Malaysian nyonya mixed vegetables pickled) recipe: