Carrot strawberry raspberry port wine panna cotta

Google: “Panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert which literally translates as ‘cooked cream’. Hailing from the region of Piedmont in Italy, it is a simple mixture of sweetened cream and gelatine. A good panna cotta is one that is only just set but can still stand unsupported once out of the mould.”

“Traditionally panna cotta tastes change, and people move away from heavy foods, chefs now tend to use a percentage of milk in their recipes to make panna cotta a lighter dessert which is also healthier. The cream may be aromatised with coffee, vanilla, or other flavourings.”

I am exploring with different ingredients today since my last few successful panna cotta creation. Make this to take it to a friend home for lunch. My friends had never had panna cotta before. Glad I made it and take it there. Everyone enjoyed it and took some home. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of a piece to show.

This is a great dessert to serve on Christmas, any days even take it to picnic or friend house. I like the idea of adding in vegetables in this method especially children are fussy about eating vegetables. It’s beautiful orange with strawberries pieces and brighten with pinkish raspberry and port wine flavour panna cotta. It’s an easy dessert that will bring the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. The children will for sure have second helping without realising it had carrot. Let’s bring out the magic wand and whisk a stunning dessert for everyone this Christmas!!!


Carrot strawberry panna cotta

7-9 carrots, stems removed
180 g strawberries, cut into bite size
30 g granulated sugar
2 gelatine sheets
2-4 Tsp gelatine powder
3 Tbs water
water, for gelatine
oil, grease jelly mould

Thickened and double cream raspberry port wine panna cotta

1 packet port wine jelly about 90 g
1 packet raspberry jelly about 90 g
300 g thickened cream
300 g double cream
200 ml cold water, divide
3 Tsp gelatine powder
45 g granulated sugar
water for gelatine


Grease jelly mould with oil. In a small bowl add some water and add in gelatine sheets soak for about 5 minutes. Place carrots in a juicer blender to get 2 c carrot juice, strained over a sieve into a jar. Then pour into a pot add sugar bring to simmer until sugar dissolves and stirring often. Then squeeze gelatine sheet well to remove excess water and put into carrot mixture. Stir to mix well and let cool. Meantime mix 3 Tbs water 2 Tsp gelatine powder.

At this stage carrot mixture should start to thicken. Let it sit further about 4-5 minutes until cool slightly. Then pour into jelly mould and scatter cut strawberries around. Put in fridge overnight to set.

The next day

Heat thickened and double cream with sugar until simmer in pot and sugar dissolved. Next add raspberry and port wine powder in, stir until dissolved. Then add 100 ml cold water and stir again and set to cool slightly. Meantime adds 100 ml cold water and gelatine powder in a jug, stir well to combined. Set aside to cool for about 5 minutes.

When it had cool down, pour on top of the thickened carrot strawberry in the mould. Place in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight until set. Serve with fruits or eat on its own. Enjoy!!!!