Hazelnut coffee Belgium chocolate ice cream with strawberry cream float

Feeling like to create something with the last packet of my Hazelnut coffee. This is fun creative experiment. You can create anything if you have the ingredients in your kitchen: fridge and pantry. Got to be courage and strong.

I bought this Belgium chocolate ice cream on sale, and it’s been in the freezer for 6 months. Best use it and as it’s Spring season, is not too cold to have ice cream. We got to eat to live, thought why not be creative and eat to the full. Be mindful too not to eat too much junk. Although at time we had to spoil ourselves.

I am glad to experiment and had created something worth to try again and again. Of course, with different ingredients. Well, my drink is comforting, luxury, pampering delicious. Let’s be creative and enjoy the Spring season!!!


1 packet Hazelnut coffee
1-2 scoops of Belgium chocolate ice cream
strawberry whipping cream
chocolate sprinkle
hot boiling water
milk (OPT)


Put kettle on. Open the packet of coffee and pour into a mug. Once water is boil and to coffee powder and stir to mix well and set aside for about 3 minutes.

Then in a glass add a scoop of ice cream first , pour coffee over the ice cream. Next gives a stir or two. Then add in another scoop of ice cream and spray the strawberry cream over the top and garnish with chocolate sprinkles. Serve immediately. Enjoy it in the sunshine on the patio at the back garden.