Strawberry raspberry blueberry panna cotta jelly pudding

Google: “Jelly Pudding is a delicious recipe made using fresh cream, condensed milk and strawberry jelly. Gelatine desserts (also Jelly, Jello, Jinkington, or Jinkies) are desserts made with a sweetened and flavoured processed collagen product (gelatine).”

“Panna cotta means “cooked cream” in Italian, and that’s essentially what the base is—heated heavy cream (often with a little half-and-half or whole milk) mixed with gelatin powder and flavored with vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste. The mixture is then poured into ramekins or small molds and chilled.” This is the second dessert, I made for my nephew tea ceremony two days ago. It’s a combined jelly pudding and panna cotta.

I don’t have 200 glasses to put my panna cotta jelly pudding, so I just use my jelly mould. Afterall there are many other Malaysian desserts. Most of the guests commented it’s beautiful and asks if they can take some home after eating a small piece, as they had never eaten before. I am glad that I made it and surprise the guests. My sister who asks me to make dessert said luckily you made this. Well, I am glad myself that it turned out beautiful, flavourful, luxurious, red-pink smooth texture that feels so elegant, and delicious. Let’s cook!!!


700 g strawberries, stems removed, pureed to make 2 cups
125 g blueberries
25 g castor sugar
3 gelatine sheets
2-4 Tsp gelatine powder
3 Tbs water
cold water, for gelatine sheets
oil, grease jelly mould

Thickened and double cream port wine jelly

2 packets Aeroplane raspberry jelly each 85 g
300 g thickened cream
200 g double cream
200 ml cold water, divide
125 g blueberries
3 Tsp gelatine powder
45 g granulated sugar water for gelatine


Grease jelly mould with oil. In a small bowl add cold water and add in gelatine sheets soak for about 5 minutes. Place strawberries in a juicer blender to get 2 c strawberry juice, strained over a sieve into a jar. Then pour into a pot and add sugar bring to simmer until sugar dissolves and stirring often. Then squeeze gelatine sheet well to remove excess water and put into strawberry mixture. Stir to mix well and let cool. Meantime mix 3 Tbs water 2 Tsp gelatine powder.

At this stage strawberry mixture should start to thicken, if not add gelatine powder with water in and stir again to mix well. Let it sit further to see if it had thickened slightly. Then pour into jelly mould and scatter blueberries around. Put in fridge overnight to set.

The next day

Heat thickened and double cream with sugar until simmer in pot and sugar had dissolved. Next add raspberry jelly powder in, stir until dissolved. Then add 100 ml cold water and stir again and set to cool slightly. Meantime adds 100 ml cold water and gelatine powder in a jug, stir well to combined. Set aside to cool for about 5 minutes.

When it had cool down, pour on top of the thickened strawberry blueberry jelly in the mould. Place in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight until set. Serve with strawberries, blueberries and oranges. Enjoy!!!!

Note: Gelatine powder must be softened first in cold water. Since the amounts of gelatine in individual packets can vary slightly, be sure to measure it out with a teaspoon. Too much gelatine could result in a texture that is too firm and Jello-like. You can prepare it up to three days ahead and keep them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. Panna cotta will actually keep for longer, but for best flavour, serving it within three days is best.

If chilling longer than a few hours, we recommend covering the moulds loosely with an upside-down baking sheet, crumpled up foil, or crumpled up plastic. (You want to avoid moisture condensing on whatever you’re using to cover the panna cotta and dripping into the moulds.)