Fig and papaya mousse with fig and chocolate sprinkles

Serve two

Figs are abundant in my garden, though the big size right on top had been eaten half by the birds. Disappointed that I could not get the big size in time. Well got to share it with the birds too, hahaha!!! Being generous to the birds too. Hope the birds will leaves me some big plum figs.

Dad gave me some papaya that he had already cut into bite size. I decided to add with my figs to make a mousse as I have not tried making it a mousse. As usual I love using different ingredients, this time I use almond milk instead of yoghurt, thickened cream, and garnish with fig and chocolate sprinkles.

I am glad that it turned out well, looks beautiful, chill and delicious. Got to be brave to explore and experiment it, if I don’t, I won’t know what the taste like. As long as it didn’t kill me or cause me to be sick, I will continue with many more fruits to go with my fig. Perhaps create a West meet East fusion and I will not let the birds eat them up, they have got to leave me some. Let’s make it and see what the taste like for you?


4 medium size figs, washed and dry, cut into bite size
4 papaya cubes
1 Tbs lime juice
5 Tbs almond milk
1 ½ Tbs water

2 Tsp gelatine powder
1/4 Tsp nutmeg


chocolate sprinkles


Put water in a bowl and sprinkles gelatine over the water, stir gently and set aside for 10 minutes. In the Nutri Bullet blender add figs, papaya, lime juice, almond milk, nutmeg, squirt some molasses and blend to mix well. Put gelatine mixture in microwave heat for 12-15 seconds, stir to make sure gelatine melted.

Add gelatine mixture to fig and papaya pureed and stir to mix well. Fold gently whipped thickened cream into fig and papaya mixture and mix well. Spoon mousse into glasses. Put in fridge and cover with cling wrap to set 8 hours or overnight. Next day before serving, bring out the glasses from fridge and remove cling wrap. Cut some figs for each glass and sprinkles chocolate over the fig in glasses. Serve chill. Enjoy the mousse in the Summer heat weather.