Panettone blueberry and chocolate pudding

Berries are in season, super sweet and juicy, bursting with goodness vitamin C in particular. While berries are also perfect for breakfast or salad, they are also excellent in dessert such as this pudding.

Make the most of blueberries with this must try pudding. I have got a box of Panettone in my pantry sitting there nearly one whole year, best use it before it expired. I also have cooking cream and thickened cream that will expired in two days’ time. Plus, a punnet of blueberries and leftover white chocolate best use it so I can buy more to make more Christmas desserts.

Boost it for a heart healthier version of this pudding, swap the sticky caramel sauce for lighter cooking cream and thickened cream, cut back on sugar by serving this pudding with ice cream and omit butter, brown sugar with vanilla custard to serve.

Blueberries become irresistibly jammy when baked in this panettone pudding. It’s a perfect combination with melted chocolate and serve with ice cream for sure a dessert to satisfy the sweet craving and a brilliant idea for Christmas dessert that are not too heavy after consuming all the entrée and main. Do leave some room for this dessert. Let’s bake!!!!


625 g panettone (or pandoro)
250 g blueberries, divide
6 Tbs water
2 Tsp vanilla extract
4 large eggs
80 g white melting chocolate
60 g granulated sugar
300 ml thickened cream
300 ml coking cream
125 ml marsala, divide
oil for greasing


Preheat oven 160 degrees C. Greased the baking dish oil. Using a serrated knife, cut the panettone roughly into 1 cm / ½ inch slices, place about a third at the bottom of baking prepared dish.

Make sure pieces fit so that there are no gaps; panettone is fabulously soft and mouldable, so this isn’t a hard job. Drizzle 75 ml marsala and 2 Tbs water over it so that the panettone lining is dampened. Scatter 125 g blueberries on top. Next layer the melting white chocolate.

Then scatter 20 g sugar on top. Repeat the process, lay panettone, drizzle remaining marsala and 4 Tbs water then followed by blueberries and then another 20 g sugar. It looks like a beautiful golden patchwork. Beat cooking cream, thickened cream, eggs and vanilla extract in a bowl until combined.

Pour the egg mixture over panettone and leave to soak for 10 minutes. Scatter the remaining sugar on top. Bake for about 40-45 minutes until golden and cooked. Serve with mint chocolate cookies ice cream or ice cream of your choice.

Note: Oven temperature may vary, you might need less or more time. You may want to use only 2 eggs instead of 4. I use 4 eggs as I want it to be more custardy.

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