Koay teow bee hoon chicken pork balls and vegetables noodles soup

Today, I am making koay teow bee hoon with drumsticks soup following the instruction from my mother. Add the chicken pieces from drumstick stock made in advance. Drumsticks are on sale.

In this noodle soup I have added chicken stock, extra garlic, carrots and kai lan to call it my own. I have always liked my meal to be colourful as well as nutrients. The bee hoon can soaked up the soup fast if you left it for too long in your serving bowls. Best serve it immediately.

I know there isn’t much soup in the picture as I left it talking to a friend who called at the wrong time. Halfway eating, I realised that I forgot to take a new picture which I have added more soup. Anyway, this is really a lot of work to do but the end results are comforting and delicious, we slurp the soup and noodles with cut red chili and soy sauce. Let’s cook!!!!


2 packets of koay teow
3 blocks of bee hoon, soaked in hot boiling water
10-12 cabbage leaves, cut to bite size
4 bunches of kai lan, cut into bite size
2-4 carrots, cut thinly bite size
2-3 packets of fish balls, cut in half
1 packet fish cake, slice thinly
chicken pieces (See Drumsticks stock and method)


red chilies, cut into thin slices (OPT)
soy sauce

Drumsticks stock

12 drumsticks
4-6 c water, just enough to cover the drumsticks slightly above 1”
5 garlic cloves
1 c chick stock, bought
1 Tsp chicken powder stock (OPT)
1” ginger
black peppercorns


Do chicken stock one day in advance

In a pot, add drumsticks, 4 c water and bring it to a simmer on low heat about 35 minutes. As it simmers, skim the foam (impurities) off the top with a fine-mesh skimmer or a spoon. When it is done, strain stock through sieve into another pot (I usually line it with a muslin cloth).

Add remaining stock ingredients into pot with drumsticks. Simmer very gently for 1-2.5 hours. The longer the stock, the more flavour it will have, but the drumsticks will lose flavour. Remove the drumsticks from the pot once it has cooked.

Let it cool and remove meat from bones. Keep in an airtight container in fridge. Add in 1 cup of chicken stock into stock. Bring it to boil for more stock and check seasoning. Switch off hob. When the stock had cool completely, store the whole pot in fridge. I like it to be overnight to absorb more flavour.

When you want the chicken pieces, use a clean dry spoon to scoop the amount you want. You can add the chicken pieces with anything. At least you have ready cook meat. Save you time. You can freeze them if you want to keep them for more than 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

The following day

Microwave each packet of koay teow for easy to tear it into strips. Once done, bring kettle to boil and open bee hoon packet and put in a basin. When water boiled, pour into bee hoon to softened and then drain. Set aside.

When finished tearing koay teow, blanch them quickly in boiling water till softened and then drained. Divide koay teow and bee hoon into serving bowls. Cut the red chili ready and add some soy sauce to it in a bowl and set aside.

Bring out the drumstick stock pot reheat until warm through and gives a couple of stirs about 20-25 minutes. Remove lid add in carrots, kai lan, chicken pieces and cabbage cook for about 20-25 minutes until carrot and kai lan are cooked, chicken pieces warmed up and cabbage leaves cooked and soften then add in fish cake slices. Cook fish cakes slices for until they float to the surface of the soup. Remove and place some fish cakes about 2-3 in each serving bowls.

Add fish balls and do the same cooked till they float to the surface of the soup. Remove and place them into the serving bowls. When carrots, kai lan, chicken pieces and cabbage leaves are done. Check the seasoning. Warm up serving bowls with the ingredients prepared in microwave for 1-2 minutes. Ladle some carrots, kai lan, chicken pieces, cabbage leaves and soup onto the warmed serving bowls. Garnish with cut chili and soy sauce. Serve with a glass of wine. Enjoy!!!

Note: You can just use pork ribs instead of chicken stock or both. You can add pork lard. You may omit bee hoon just use koay teow only or add mee. You can omit fresh garlic for extra flavour. You can carrots and kai lan.