Artificial stewed pork chop flavour noodle soup with caulilini and kim chi

Weekend lunch are usually simple, packet noodle and mostly leftovers for me. I had leftovers caulini which I made a few days ago and a little bit of kim chi my sister bought for me. The noodle condiment has some carrot and celery as well.

It’s raining and cold day today. Best have soup to keep warm. This time I didn’t use ready made chicken stock which I would make them and store in jars. I have finished all the chicken stock. Back to just use boiling water. Why use kim chi, you will ask me?

Well, I run out of vegetables and luckily have some kim chi and caulini. Either wise my lunch will be bland. I never like wasting food. I also like some spiciness in cold and raining day. My lunch is delicious comforting. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet of artificial stewed pork chop flavoured noodle
8 stems of caulini
2-3 Tbs kim chi


Put kettle on. Empty the noodles and condiments onto blue bowl. Place caulini in too. Once water boil, add to the prepared bowl. Microwave for 7 minutes until noodle softened and caulini are cooked and tender. Remove from microwave and add kim chi. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!

Note: You can add any vegetables of your choice. You can add meat or seafood of your choice. You can use chicken or vegetable stock if you have readymade stored in jars.