Cincalok Pork

Google: “Cincalok is a Malaysian shrimp sauce that started in Melaka. It’s made of fermented tiny shrimp, it is very salty, and is probably an acquired taste.  Although it doesn’t smell very good coming out of the bottle, the odour and flavour gets rounded out nicely when mixed with lime juice and other ingredients.”

“Since cincalok has a strong and distinct taste, it is often served as a dip for blander dishes such as fish or steamed pork belly. My mom told me that cincalok mixed with sriracha hot sauce makes a simple and delicious dip, too.”

Grandma usually served cincalok with slices of chilli, ginger and shallot, then add some lime juice and sugar to balance its saltiness. We the children used to called it smelly pork. Yet we still eat them with rice and other dishes. I tried using steam method after stir fry for a bit. Well, the taste is great but not close enough as my grandma’s cincalok. Perhaps next time I will try using other ingredients that I have browse that uses them and from friends. Let’s cook!!!


1 strip of pork belly, cut into 1” size
2 medium size tomatoes, cut into wedges
2 Tbs cincalok, plus 2 Tsp for marinade
1 Tbs minced garlic
1 Tbs lemon juice or to taste
2 Tbs sugar, plus 2 Tbs to balance the saltiness
1 Tsp fish sauce
1 pc red chilli, sliced, garnish
Spring onions, cut, garnish
water for sauce


Marinade the pork belly with pepper, sugar, and 2 Tsp cincalok. Add a dash of water to the mixture for about 30 minutes. If more sauce is desired, add more water. Heat up oil in wok and brown garlic about 1 minute. 

Add in pork, sugar, lemon juice and fish sauce and cook further for 2-4 minutes. Then add 2 Tbs cincaluk and continue to cook  for 2 minutes. Check seasoning. Transfer to metal bowl for steaming, and add tomatoes.

Steam in a wok with water for about 15 minutes. Off hob, spoon onto serving bowl. Garnish with chilli and spring onions. Serve hot with steamed rice and bitter gourd eggs. Enjoy it with a glass of red wine.