Lamb racks two way on a bed of miso dressing salads with potatoes

Glad to have found this picture again, I made it in 2014 somehow, I never know why I didn’t post it with written full recipe. I am basing on my memory the method and ingredients with the title I have given to my picture. This is dinner for one.

Obviously, two racks normal seasoning and the other two crumbed. I trust both are cooked in oven as I fear cooking in oil still. Hmm!!!! for the miso dressing is simple as from time to time I do make them. Then roasted potatoes to go with it. I am sure this is the right method and ingredients as it has been seven years and it appeared out of nowhere. Thankful to have found it and decided to post it. It’s looks and sounds delicious and perhaps presentation just right. Let’s cook!!!!


1 rack of lamb, cut into 4 cutlets
20 g fresh breadcrumbs
1 Tsp dried chili powder (OPT)
1 Tbs oregano, chopped
1 Tbs thyme leaves
1/2 Tsp ground cumin
2 Tbs dried rosemary
1/4 lemon zest
1/8 c plain flour
1/8 c milk
2 baby potatoes
1 egg
black pepper
oil and spray oil
balsamic vinegar
a handful of mixed salad
water for par boil potatoes

Miso Dressing

1 1/2 Tbs olive oil
1/2 Tbs apple cider vinegar
1 Tsp miso paste
1/4 Tsp treacle
a drip of lemon juice


Combine miso ingredients in a bowl and whisk until smooth and taste if it to your liking. I have added a drip of lemon juice to taste. Set aside until needed.

Preheat oven 180 degrees C. Line a baking tray with foil. In a plate, put flour, salt and black pepper and mixed well. On another plate combine breadcrumbs with dried herbs, chili powder, cumin, zest and mix well.

In a deep plate combine milk and egg and lightly beaten. Dust 2 cutlets lightly in flour, shaking off excess. Dip into combined milk and egg. Coat cutlets, making sure to press crumb mix on firmly. Spray with oil and put into prepared tray.

The other 2 cutlets, season with salt and black pepper. Then rub in some balsamic all over and put together with the crumbed cutlets. Put enough water in microwave safe bowl and potatoes. Microwave for about 12 minutes. Drain and add to prepared tray, drizzle some oil and season with salt and black pepper.

Bake for 15-20 minutes, until cutlets and potatoes are golden and cooked through. Wash and dry mixed salad and plate up onto serving plate. Pour the miso dressing over the salad. Once baked, place all lamb cutlets and potatoes on top of salad and serve with a glass of red wine. Enjoy!!!!


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    I want to try some recipes with miso. I see it used so often on Masterchef.


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