Artificial stewed pork chop flavoured noodle soup with vegetables

Found this strange name and surprise that it had artificial stewed pork chop flavoured. The condiment has some carrot and celery as well. Well, got to try and see what it taste like. Of course, I only get it when it’s on sale.

In addition, I have added my last frozen 3 cubes of spinach into my noodle soup. This is simple quick weekend lunch. Not much needed but at least it sure did keep me warm in cold windy raining day.

There are truly stewed pork chop flavoured in this packet noodle soup. It taste great yummy. Let’s cook!!!!


1 packet of artificial stewed pork chop flavoured noodle soup
water for boiling
3 cubes of spinach, thawed


Empty the packet noodle and condiment onto a bowl. Put kettle on. Once boil, fill the bowl with enough to cook the noodle and spinach in microwave. I place a plate to collect the flavoured soup if it boil over.

Microwave it on high about 2 times for 3 minutes. Then stir and microwave for another minute. Do check that the soup don’t boil over. Serve it immediately. Enjoy!!!!