Banana fritter cake with matcha ice cream sprinkles chocolate and strawberries

Today I thought of creating something new. Got leftover rice flour and cornflour which I used for coating my tofu. Then have one banana left, some strawberries, some matcha ice cream and Banana pepitas, yoghurt and sunflower seeds loaf. I have added the recipe at the bottom.

I decided to coat the banana with the leftovers flours and use up all the leftovers to make a new meal and perhaps showing off my creation skill. Banana fritters usually use flour egg and oil. I didn’t add any egg nor add in oil. After coated banana in flour I straight away fry it in my oil which I had fry the tofu.

It’s a bit soggy and not crispy but it has caramelised layer. I let it sit on my leftover cake so that the oil soak into the cake. Decorate with strawberries on both sides. Next added matcha ice cream perfectly enough to make 3 scoops. Sprinkles with some chocolate sprinkles. Let’s create a beautiful dessert from leftovers!!!!


1 banana, skin off
1 medium piece of  leftover cake
6 strawberries, stem removed and halved
3 scoops matcha ice cream
Chocolate sprinkles

Coating for banana

rice flour
corn flour
black pepper
oil for shallow frying


Remove the skin of banana, cut the stem off then coat in rice flour mixture. Cook in hot oil in a shallow pan till all brown over. Dry on paper towel. Meantime, cut strawberries into half and lay them on plate. Followed by the cake. Top banana fritter on top of cake. Sprinkles chocolate sprinkles on top of matcha ice cream. Serve immediately.