Shin ram yun roasted vegetables and fish balls noodle soup

Got 1/8 of purple and white cabbages leftovers that are turning slightly brown. Don’t want to throw away so I roasted them with spices and I noticed that my freeze has no meat left. But have 3 fish balls left.

Purple cabbage is my favourite vegetable. I used to braise all the time. Today I am going to roast because it is turning slightly brown and to cover the brown is to make it crispy, caramelised, flavoured, and it sure do combines well with just about any seasoning! Once roasted, it’s perfect as salads, and added to soup, or just enjoying it as chips.

Well, add my roasted cabbages into shin ram yun noodle soup with fish balls. It’s sure did give the noodle soup a boost of flavour. I enjoy it very much. Will do again roasted cabbage but with meat only if on sale. Let’s cook!!!


1 packet shin ram yun noodle soup
1/8 purple cabbage, wedges
1/8 cabbage, wedges
3 fish balls
1 Tbs paprika
1 Tsp garam masala
1 Tsp garlic powder
1/2 Tsp ginger powder
a pinch dried oregano
black pepper
chili flakes
spring onion, garnish
xo chili sauce, garnish (OPT)


Preheat 200 degrees C. Line baking tray with foil. Carefully cut out the white core, then place the cabbage with the flat sides face down. Drizzle oil on top and sprinkle salt all over. In a bowl add 1-2 Tsp oil with paprika, garam masala, ginger, oregano and garlic. Mix to paste. Gently brush paste until all of the cabbage is lightly coated. Roast until tender and charred for about 10-15 minutes. Off oven, remove the baking tray cover with foil until needed.

In the meantime, put kettle on to boil. Empty the noodle onto bowl, place fish balls in too. Once water boil, pour into noodle bowl and microwave for 3 minutes. Bring out and add in both the cabbages and put back in again. Microwave further 3-4 minutes until fish balls puffed up, noodle cooked.

Use a scissor cut fish balls into half. Garnish with spring onion and xo chili sauce. Serve with beer. Enjoy!!!