Matcha float

Hooray, I finally found Matcha green tea ice cream after being searching for it for one whole year. I am enjoying my ice cream in a way that make it interesting and satisfying to my soul.

I know it’s too cold to have ice cream in Winter. Well, to curb my craving I am eating it as I know it’s using coca cola and vanilla ice cream. Being creative and adventurous, I have added Matcha tea instead of coca cola. In addition, I added Kahlua, a liqueur and thickened cream to it.

The thing is Matcha tea has a lot of sediments, have to strain several time using a muslin and a strainer well than it had cool down but still warm then only I pour into my glass. It was delicious and indeed satisfying to drink next to fireplace and watching TV: Fast and Furious 7. Let’s make Matcha float!!!


2 1/2 Tsp Matcha tea powder
2 Tsp Kahlua (OPT)
3 scoops Matcha green tea ice cream
120 ml hot boiling water
50 ml thickened cream


Put kettle on once boil pour into a jug with Matcha tea. Stir to mix well. In a glass add thickened cream and set aside. Strain Matcha tea several times using muslin and strainer into another jug. Taste and see no more sediments.

Add a scoop of Matcha ice cream into thickened cream. Then pour the warm matcha tea over the ice cream about 3/4 of the glass. Then add Kahlua, stir to mix well. Add two more scoops of ice cream. Serve immediately. Enjoy!!!!