Spinach carrot eggy soup with fried egg onion

When I faced problems, I am reminded about God’s constant care and provision. I have this words tag on the board next to my computer. It says: Refuse To Worry! In this world there will always be something tempting me to worry.

That is the nature of a fallen, broken world: Things are not as they should be. So, the temptation to be anxious is constantly with me, trying to worm it’s way into my mind. The best defense is MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE PROBLEMS IN MY LIFE. Every problem teach me something, transforming me little by little into masterpiece God created me to be. The best way to befriend my problem is Thanks God for them.

Managed to get from my mom, my grandma spinach carrot eggy soup. Although I would like to claim this recipe as my own. Somehow, God gave me the idea that I can claim this recipe my own by showing me leftovers 4 eggs in my pantry that are going to expire and the remaining onion in the fridge too. Problems small or large may hound my days. Thank you God for I have fried them and added to it to claim this is my creative own recipe borrowed from grandma. Hearty warm colourful soup great for cold raining day. Let’s cook!!!!


2 bunches spinach, stems removed, washed and drained
8 large eggs, divided
2 medium carrots, cubed
1 Tbs dried anchovies
4 Tsp minced garlic, divided
1 onion, slice thinly
1 L water


In a pot heat 1 Tbs oil on medium heat. Add 2 Tsp garlic stir until lightly brown. Add anchovies stir for about 1 minutes. Lower heat, add water bring to boil. Next add carrot cook about 3 minutes. Then add spinach, mix around to cook it about 7 minutes until wiltered.

Beat 4 eggs lightly and pour in to soup. Stir constantly to get the egg looks like scramble but in small curl pieces. Add seasoning. Once eggs done. Remove pot from heat. Put a frying pan on medium heat, add 1 Tbs oil. Add 2 Tsp garlic and onion stir until lightly brown about 3 minutes.

Beat the remaining 4 eggs lightly and pour into the garlic onion mixture and cook one side then flip over the other side until brown and cook through. Spoon spinach eggy soup onto bowls and add some fried egg onion in. Serve with a bowl of rice and a glass of white wine. Enjoy!!!!