Beef and potato curry bean shoots broccolini and fried egg with rice

Love does more than make the “world go around” as and an old song says. It also make us very vulnerable. From time to time, we may say to ourselves: “why love when others do not show appreciation?” and perhaps “Why love and open myself up to hurt?”

The easy reason to pursue love to me is Faith, Love and Hope. The greatest is LOVE. Love is an activity, the key activity of God Himself. How can I show the world the same patience God shows me? The same with how can I combine my food as they are each separate dishes?

As I follow the way of LOVE, I will find myself very often turning to God, the source of Love. Only then will I gain a deeper knowledge of what true Love is and find the strength to LOVE others like God loves me and helps me create , explore, and produce His LOVE on a bowl.

Today, I am having my leftover love beef and potato curry with bean shoots, broccolini and fried egg with rice. The beef and potato curry have absorbed more the next day and it’s extra flavoured compliment with the vegetables just like the strength to LOVE others. My beef and potato curry recipe is attached at the bottom. Do make the curry first.

I have poured out my love in food and thanks to God for His abundant provision that I am able to put together and share it with you the good things that God had done in my life. It’s a simple, comforting, loving, delicious, combined and appreciated meal. Enjoy!!!!


500 g bean shoots, stems remove, rinse and dry
2 bunches broccolini, stems remove, clean, dry and cut to bite size
4 eggs, lightly beaten
1 small onion, peel skin, slice thinly
6 Tbs minced garlic, divided
2-4 Tbs oyster sauce, divided


Put oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Add 2 Tbs minced garlic and fry for about 1 minute. Then add broccolini stir and toss around about 4-6 minutes. Add oyster sauce and 4 Tbs water stir to mix well about 1 or 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Once broccolini cook through, transfer to plate and keep warm with foil.

Using the same frying pan. Add oil on medium heat, add 2 Tbs garlic fry for 1 minute. Add bean shoots, stir and toss about 2-4 minutes. Add oyster sauce and 2 Tbs water stir to mix well about 1 or 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to a plate and keep warm.

Using the same frying pan, heat oil on medium heat, add garlic fry for 1 minute. Add onion slices stir and toss until translucent about 2 minutes. Add beaten egg, salt and pepper and cook through then flip the other side for about 2 minutes or until cooked. Transfer to plate and keep warm while heating up my leftover beef and potato curry in microwave.

To assemble spoon some rice onto bowl, followed by broccolini, bean shoots, fried eggs and my love beef and potato curry with sauce over to rice. Enjoy with a glass of white wine.

Note: I have already cooked the curry in advance, store in freezer for another day. Before eaten, thaw to room temperature and pour out to a bowl and microwave it, stir and make sure it’s really warm heated through. If you are doing it from fresh. Just spoon over to your rice and vegetables.

You can omit fried eggs if you don’t want it. As well as bean shoots. You can add other vegetables of your choice or just have rice with the curry. On the other hand you can add noodle to your curry if you cook your curry fresh.

My beef and potato curry recipe: