Blueberry risotto with bacon spinach and arugula

I have recreated from Fiorenza Sam, a food blogger. Her recipe is blackberry with crispy pancetta. I love to eat risotto of any flavour. Thus, I have made a handful of risotto.

I use blueberries instead blackberries. Being creative, I did change some of the ingredients that Fiorenza use. I could not find pancetta, so, use bacon. The same as garlic instead of onion. As some Italian blogs don’t use cream cheese which Fiorenza had use cream cheese in her recipe. I use sour cream instead.

Addition to my creation, are spinach and arugula to give it some colour to my risotto. Garnish my risotto with chili flakes. I am glad God had given me a friend like Fiorenza that I can learn to cook Italian dishes and thanks to God too for his help. Of course, thanks to Fiorenza for sharing with me, her recipe is at the bottom.

My risotto is bluey in colour, has slightly crisp from spinach and arugula and bacon flavoured. This can be a delicious comforting, and hearty meal for Valentine’s Day if your loved one is a fan of berries. Let’s cook!!!


150 g arborio rice
1 Tbs garlic minced
300 ml hot boiling water
200 g blueberries, wash and drain
25 g sour cream
30 ml white wine
4 pieces of bacon, cut to bite size
50 g Grana Padano cheese, grated finely
1 Tbs oil
25 g margarine


Blend blueberries with 5 Tbs water until pureed. Then strain through a sieve to remove grain, to get a smooth puree. The set aside. In a pot, heat oil for 1 minute, add garlic and brown slightly. Meantime put kettle on.

Add rice, toss around in garlic for 30 seconds. Then pour in white wine, let it evaporate meantime stirring to prevent sticking to pot. Slowly add water, wait till water is absorbed before adding a little bit. Stir a couple of time.

Now add in sour cream, stir to mix well. Continue to add a little bit of water. Stir again to prevent from sticking. Now add bacon, stir to mix well. Add the last bit of water. Give a couple of stir. Then add the margarine in, toss to combine.

At nearly the end of cooking time, add in blueberries puree, mix well making sure rice and bacon are coated in the puree. Turn to low heat, stirring occasionally and let it cook through. Turn off hob. Add cheese, spinach and arugula. Stir to mix well. Spoon onto warm bowl and garnish with chili flakes. Serve immediately with a glass of white wine. Enjoy!!!!!

Note: You may want to use vegetables stock instead of boiling water. You may omit spinach and arugula, chili flakes. You may use blackberries, and strawberries or raspberries. You may want to add cherries tomatoes.

Fiorenza Sam original recipe:



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