Grilled fish, pasta and kale in bernaise sauce

What is Pink Ling? Google: “Pink ling is a popular species for home and commercial cooking because of the large, boned-out fillets and thick steaks, which hold their shape well in cooking. They are lovely tasting fish with many uses, well suited to grilling, frying, barbecuing and baking”.

“Pink Ling is firm, tender and moist, with great texture and large flakes. When cut into filletspink ling is nearly boneless and its distinct taste is ideal for simple dishes. It’s taste is stronger than that of other codfish, but very similar, and its flesh is firm and flaky like that of lobster”.

I managed to get pink ling and agnolotti pasta today at cheap price. Got some cooked kale leftover. Hmmm!!! What sauce shall I add to it. I want something different from everyone using red and white sauces. I remembered I have recreated bernaise sauce from June Darville way back in 2014. Her recipe is attached here again together with my written down again Bernaise sauce recipe, with the link of my previous bernaise sauce.

So, today, it’s bernaise sauce with my own twist. Bernaise sauce goes well with steak, lamb, chicken as well as on your toast with bacon poached eggs and spinach. Well, I love to create food as well as combine them. This is my own creation and am pleased that it turned out well.

Thank you again God for your help. This time I make the bernaise sauce 2 times and got it perfect. Remembered cheerful giving brings enrichment: with love and care. My bernaise is finally good to be serve with agnolotti pasta, grill pink ling, and kale.

My bernaise sauce is delicious creamy texture as shown in picture. It gets its acidity from white wine, red wine vinegar, and also flavoured with butter, oil, shallots and fresh herbs, like thyme and spring onion. Let’s cook!!!


200 g pink link whole strip without skins, cut into bite size
1 packet agnolotti pasta fresh 500 g, use about 180-200g
1 stalk kale, leftover cooked in oil with garlic
oil (OPT)

Bernaise sauce Ingredients
2 egg yolks
5 Tbs sweet white wine – Moscato Sweet Lips
3 Tbs red wine vinegar
a handful fresh thyme, leaves picked and chopped
1 sprig of spring onion, chopped
2 shallots, chopped finely
200 g cold butter, diced
olive oil
black pepper


To make Bernaise sauce

Place a medium saucepan with the chopped shallot, white wine and vinegar over medium heat until it boils gently. Season with pepper and salt. Let the liquid reduce fully. Then take the pan off the heat and let the cooked shallots cool for 5 minutes. Put the saucepan back over very low heat and then add the egg yolks.

 Beat non stop to prevent yolks from scrambling. Keep the pan over very low heat and keep on beating until the yolk sauce gets a sabayon like consistency. One by one add small pieces of the cold butter to the pan and continuously move the butter around on a fork until it has fully melted. Then add another bit of butter. Keep the heat very low.

Keep stirring in bits of butter. The bernaise sauce takes a while to come together. It needs to be done carefully so don’t hurry. Add as much butter as you want. The sauce should have slightly thickened but still be light and creamy. Stir constantly. Then check the seasoning in the end and add extra pepper or salt to taste. Add the chopped tarragon. Now turn the heat off and let the bernaise sauce rest for another 2 minutes. Transfer the bernaise sauce to a sauce jug, or a bowl. Set aside until needed.

To grill pink link, cook agnolotti and reheat leftover kale

Preheat grill. Lay foil on baking paper and lightly grease with oil. Place cut fillets on foil and season with salt and pepper. Then drizzle a bit of oil over it and wrap in foil. Grill it for about 10-12minutes and no more. Put pot with water, oil and salt to boil. Add agnolotti in to cook, once it pop up about 5-7 minutes its cooked. Do not over crowd agnolotti, do it in batches. Spoon it with slotted spoon onto serving plate, cover with foil and set aside.

Reheat leftover kale in microwave. Once pink ling fillets is cooked remove and scatter around the agnolotti. Then scatter the hot kale over them. Pour the bernaise sauce over it. Serve it with a glass of Moscato Sweet Lips. Enjoy!!!

Note: You must be very patience don’t rush, make sure get the right heat under the pot, or overworked the sauce. Use can cut the shallots, and spring onion. You can omit them just use what June use in her recipe. I use blender to chopped shallots, thyme, spring onion. This sauce goes well with steak, lamb, chicken as well as on your toast with bacon poached eggs and spinach.

Make sure not to overcooked pink ling. You can use any fish of your choice or pasta. You can use red or white sauce for your pasta if you don’t want to use Bernaise sauce. If you are using fresh kale cook it the way you like it. Or you any vegetables of your choice.

My original Bernaise sauce:

June Darville’s original Bernaise sauce: