What is a father?

First, Heavenly Father who is unseen, the creator of the universe. Whom live in the very middle of my heart. He is my constant companion, best friend, as well as my King. He designed me for close communication with Him. My richest duty as a child is devotion to Him.

The friendship Heavenly Father offer me is practical and down to earth, yet it’s soaked with Heavenly Glory. I depend on Him continually. I consciously live, move and have my being in Him, desiring that He live in me, and I in Him.Heavenly Father is a Powerful Healer. He heals broken bodies, broken minds, broken hearts, broken lives, and broken relationships with His very Presence. I can always go to Him for rest, helps and provisions. He has instructed me to Trust in Him – My Master.

His Peace is not an elusive goal hidden at the centre of some complicated maze. Well, I am always enveloped in Peace, which is essential in His Presence. He is always with me, encouraging and supportive. He had given me an earth Father. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your abundance Grace, Peace, Joy, and Blessings Richest always.My Earth Father is where I am connected to Heavenly Father by Love bonds that nothing can sever. This is one of the joys of true friendship. My father provided me with things that can be seen. He is both a loving discipline and encouraging supportive man in the image of Heavenly Father.

He is a breadwinner, a faithful man to Heavenly Father, wife, children, and grandchildren. He provided us everything: Love, education, physical strength, emotional empathy, and financial support until we can stand on our own feet.He always gives advice when he detected that we needed one or two. A good listener, slow to anger, always joyous to be with, whom we can touch, see, and relied for strong burden bearer: driving the grand kids home from school when he had retired and me wherever I needed to go, save me time, walking far and money. He loves to iron clothes. He mows the grass better than the hired mower man and free of charge without asking.

Also, he has become great at cooking KL Hokkien Noodles, and deep-fried chickens as I am afraid of cooking with oil. He is also a very generous man, godly man, and a blessing bonus to me: my strong tower of refuge in times of need as I had become invalid, unable to work. Lucky me, small size; he is able to carry me up and down the stairs, either wise I am in big trouble when I couldn’t walk. Now, I can walk so thankful to both Father.

He is also a friend to talk, to argue, to irritate, to challenge, and I have bad thing; I cannot hide: my love for alcohols and foods, so dad is my drinking partner even though we both have gout we still drinks occasionally. He is always delighted to see his children and grandchildren at every Friday dinner, which is our Happy Hours with my sisters and husbands drinking to the full until Corona Virus. The good thing I would say, stop us drinking too much!!! As no one to challenge or encourage to drink more….. No Happy Hours!!!

He is a devoted father and rejoices with singing to Heavenly Father: singing and playing his guitar to his lovely wife. So, on Father’s Day be thankful to Heavenly Father and Earth Father for all Grace, Peace, Joy, and Provision that we have. Happy Father’s Day to all father in the world whether you are celebrating it today!!!!!Here’s a cake for you, my father. Enjoy!!!!!

Ginger and orange cake is sweet yet savoury flavour. Its texture is moist soft. The cake is delicious. I added figs jam and decoration to make it stand up beautiful. This is also my father’s favourite. So I bake this cake for him on Father’s day. Happy baking for Father’s Day!!!

For the recipe: https://helenscchin.com/2018/08/14/ginger-and-orange-cake/

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