Berrot yogi milkshake smoothie

Felt like having fruit, vegetable, yoghurt, milkshake and smoothie. This is indeed weird craving and my mind wonder off; now thought of having a little dollop of cocktail as well. Why not add in a little dollop of Cosmopolitan in.

That thought is certain to riddle you with creativity and at the same time you want to stay healthy. As earth is at a standstill due to Corona virus, things always seem to be unravelling around the mind. Welcome challenging times as opportunities to invent, create, explore and taste the craving mind desire. Without satisfying my craving mind and palate, I wouldn’t make it past the first hurdle!. The way to curb the craving mind is to make it.

This drink has mint-masala spice, blueberries, carrots, yoghurt, milk, cosmopolitan, that make it a perfect drink for any day and all occasions. It’s delicious, simple, quick and a chill healthy drink to cool down during Summer or hot days. Let’s make it!!!


200 g yoghurt
2 small carrots, cut into bite size
125 g blueberries, wash and dry
1/4 c skim milk
1/8 Tsp mint-masala powder
1/2 Tbs cosmopolitan

2 strawberries
2 Tsp cosmopolitan, divided


Blend all the ingredients together. Chill in jar for 2 -4 hours. When ready to serve. Cut the strawberries into flower shapes.

Pour the chill drink into a glass. Place each strawberry in the middle and pour 1 Tsp cosmopolitan into each glass. Enjoy the drink!!!

Note: You can use any fruits combine with any vegetables. You may omit cosmopolitan and mint-masala powder. You can add a pinch of ginger powder, turmeric, cinnamon or any spices of your choice. You can omit milk and make it a smoothie.