Black rice pandan pudding with strawberries flowers

I normally use black rice as a savoury dish. Remembered, my grandma did cook it as a dessert. I never really like it. Guess the way it’s cook, and taste might had put me off.

Last week, I found black rice pudding recipe from Mayuri Patel,a food blogger. Her original recipe is below. I decided to gives it a go to see whether I like it.

As always, I would change some ingredients from the original recipe. I use pandan essence instead of vanilla extract and strawberries instead of mango. Addition to palm sugar, substitute it for glucose syrup. I added 3 orange dried peels and a squirt of honey.

This pudding is creamy wet slightly, greeny-black, sweet with a tiny bit crunch with each mouthful. I had it slightly warm, it does taste delicious. You can eat it cool. Let’s cook!!!

1/2 cup black rice, wash, soak overnight with salted-1/8 Tsp enough water
1 1/2 cups water
165 ml coconut milk
4 Tbs glucose syrup
1 drop of pandan essence
3 orange dried peels
Squirt of honey
1/8 Tsp sea salt
6 strawberries, cut into flower shapes, decoration


Drain rice, and fill with water slightly above the rice in a pot over high heat. Bring it to a boil. Meantime stir rice to prevent sticking to bottom of pot for about 5 minutes.

Now lower heat to simmer a further 10 minutes. Stir again until water reduced to half. Next add coconut and orange peels. Let it continue to cook and stirring until mixture has thickened. Then add salt and glucose and cook a further 5 minutes.

If the mixture is too dry add some water. I prefer it slightly wet. Next add a tiny bit of pandan essence, squirt honey and taste to see if you like it. I prefer sweet so, added another squirt of honey. Stir to mix well, checking rice has cook with a slight crunch. Then remove from hob and discard orange peels.

Spoon on to serving bowl and set to cool about 10 minutes. While letting pudding cool, cut the strawberries into flower shapes. Serve it slightly warm or cool; your choice.

Mayuri Patel original recipe: