Chia seed vanilla panna cotta

I just got 1.5 kg chia seeds. I heard chia seeds is very healthy to take. I also know there are many ways to make use of chia seeds. Out there, there are many chia seeds recipes too: pudding or breakfast menu; to name a few.

Instead of strawberries, yoghurt, vanilla and sour cream like most professional chefs and cooks published their panna cotta recipes. I am being a fanatic in exploring experimenting and creating varieties in my food decided to use chia seeds and vanilla grinder.

Well, tried it for the first time so there are bound to have trial and error mistake. Never give up keep trying till I get it perfect. I like my panna cotta a bit firmer. It’s not wobbly nor its hard. Chia seeds had given it some crunchy texture and fragrant from vanilla grinder. Let’s get creative and cooking!!!


400 g yoghurt
300 ml Lactose milk
600 ml thickened cream
165 g raw sugar
1/2 c chia seeds, take 1 Tsp sprinkles on to oil mould
2 sheets gelatine
1 1/2 Tbs gelatine powder
Vanilla grinder, extra for garnish (opt)


Grease jelly mould with  a bit of oil and set aside. Soak sheets gelatine in water about 3 minutes. Place thickened cream, sugar, yoghurt and milk in saucepan on low heat; stir well to avoid lumps.

Then add sheets gelatine, (squeezed the lump gelatine then add in);stir well. Now add powder gelatine, vanilla and chia seeds; stir to dissolved.  Pour warm panna cotta into the prepared mould.

Leave panna cotta in fridge overnight. The following day, place a plate on top and flip panna cotta over, removed the back to loosen the mould. It should come out easily. Garnish with more vanilla grinder.  Serve with fruits of your choices or eat on its own.


Note: You can use ramekins if you don’t have jelly mould. I have added gelatine powder for it to be a bit firmer. You don’t have to.

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