Orange poppy seed masala cake

A few days ago, a friend shared with me her orange poppy seed. So, I crave for orange poppy seed. I remembered that I have recreated it from June Darville a while back.

As I were shopping for the ingredients. In the baking aisle, this cake mix box just kept flicking at me, as I am comparing the prices of the range of flour from the corner of my eyes. Then I spoke to myself, do I need this ready cake mix: orange poppy seed?

I said that’s not creation because its already made ready. Part of my mind said why bother to create when you can bake with everything ready just add fresh eggs, butter and milk. My other creative mind said give me a break from planning and trying to anticipate what to create, and explore.

As I gaze anxiously into the distance, I don’t even feel the strong grip of creating and exploring. So, I grab the cake mix: orange poppy seed. Being me, never lose excitement of combining ingredients. In this cake mix I have a bit of me: added masala and more poppy seed; instead of using butter, I opted for margarine, and milk for thicken cream. Let’s bake with cake mix combined with masala.


1 box orange poppy seed cake mix
3 eggs
100 ml thicken cream
50 ml masala
4 Tbs margarine
poppy seed extra, plus sprinkle on top

Frosting Ingredients

1 sachet cream cheese mix
200 ml thicken cream
2 Tbs margarine


Preheat 160 degrees C. Greased and lined 20 com square spring form tin and set aside. Next empty the sachet of orange poppy seed into mixing bowl. crack eggs and add cream. Beat well for 2 minutes. Then add masala, continued to beat well further 1 minute. Next add extra poppy seed, beat to incorporate for 30 seconds. Spoon batter into prepared tin. Bake for 55 minutes. Test with skewer; comes out clean then cake is done. Switch off oven, leave cake in for 20 minutes.

Then remove the tin on to a foil base to cool further 35 minutes. Meantime, empty the frosting sachet into a medium size bowl, add margarine and cream. Beat till stiff peak foam. place in fridge. Now cake is cooler, bring out the frosting set to room temp for 3 minutes. Next spoon the frosting onto cake and spread down to the sides. Then sprinkles some more poppy seed on top.

Note: You can make your own instead of using the ready-mix cake in box.

You can try my earlier recreated cake. The link of the recipe below:

You don’t have to make the orange sauce if you don’t want to. Just add frosting or plain. The recipe for frosting is below: