Para grand pear cake

What is Para grand? “It’s a liqueur wine. Named after Para River. An icon first made by Australian in 1878. Made from premium fruit matured in barrel for an average age of 10 years. Can also be enjoyed chilled. Needed to be refrigerated after opening to maximise freshness”.

Goat cheese : “It’s French name, Chèvre, meaning goat. This cheese type comes in many different flavours and textures – from crumbly to creamy, young to mature, mild to tangy”.

“A versatile cheese, of white, coated with ash or herbs, or wrapped in grape leaves. The distinctive character comes from capric acid (after the Latin word capra, meaning ”goat”) – a flavourful fatty acid that promotes the development of good intestinal bacteria in humans and is sold as a health food product. Thanks to its relatively low lactose content, cheeses from both goats and sheep are excellent choices for people with lactose intolerance” like me. 

In addition, to goat cheese Ash, I had added sour cream, para grand, and pear slices. The goat cheese, and cream make it moist, cinnamon spice, and pears added a characteristic crisp flavour. Para grand gives a boost of strong complexity, with superb richness and length on the palate.

I bake this cake for my niece birthday celebration. Something different; with a twist of exploring the variety of liqueur and fruit. Its seems this liqueur wine goes well when pairing with pears. All my family enjoyed eating second helping and commented that its moist, soft and delicious. Happy Baking!!!!


520 g can peach slices, reserve juice 
3 eggs, separated
200 g raw sugar
150 g sour cream
100 g Ash flavour goat cheese
100 ml of olive oil
Grind vanilla grinder, plus extra for on top
320 -350 g sifted self-raising flour
1 Tsp baking powder
1/2 Tsp cream of tatar
3 Tbs Para grand (or another liqueur of your choice)
1 Tbs cinnamon powder
Apricot jam for brushing on top


Pre heat oven 170 degrees C. Greased and lined 20 cm Spring form square cake tin. Beat egg whites with cream of tatar until soft peaks form and set aside in fridge till needed. 

Beat sugar with yolks until pale and creamy. Now put in goat cheese, sour cream, oil, vanilla grinder and mix well. Next add flour, cinnamon, 4-6 Tbs pear juice and para grand and mix well. Batter must be consistency; not too dry or too wet. Now bring out egg whites from fridge to room temperature for 5 minutes. Then gently fold 1 spoon full into batter. Next add in the remaining until mix well.

Spoon batter into prepared cake tin and top with pear slices and grind a few more turns of vanilla; gently push into batter. Bake for around 40 -50 minutes or until cooked through. Test with skewer; comes out clean then it’s done. Leave in oven, switch off oven for 15- 30 minutes.

Take out of the oven, remove cake tin and transfer to cake foiled base. Now brush the top with apricot jam. Cool at room temperature and serve warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

Note: Oven temperature may vary. You may need less or more time. You may want to put more pears say one a half cans. You may use rum instead of para grand. You may use any fruits, fresh rather than can. If fresh you need add 1/2 lemon juice. I don’t have lemon juice. So, I use can with juice. You may just beat egg white to stiff peak form.