Pork chop fillet kai lan w mushrooms sauce.JPG     

1 pork chop fillet
1/4 bunch of kai lan, cut into bite size
1/2 can of mushrooms soup

Marinade pork chop with salt, pepper and oil. Bake in oven about 20-22 minutes or to your liking. I like mine a bit well done. Turn once over and bake a further 5 minutes. Let pork rest 5 minutes in oven with door slightly ajar.

Boil kai lan in microwave safe bowl for 10-12 minutes, until cook. Drain and set on the side of the serving plate. Reheat the can of soup in a pot. Let it simmer for about 7 minutes just warming up and a little bubbly. Turn off hob and remove from hob.

Place the pork on the plate and ladle the mushrooms sauce over the pork and serve.

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