Mussels and medley tomatoes with white wine sauce

Mussels and medley tomatoesin white wine sauce.JPG      

1 kg mussels, clean and de beard
1 punnet medley tomatoes
1 Tsp garlic
4 -6 sprigs of curly parsley, cut or chop into bitesize
1/2 c sweet gossip white wine


Clean and remove the beard of mussels. Heat wok for 3 minutes, add the mussels for 2 minutes. Next add garlic, toss around and cover with lid for 2 minutes.

Add the medley tomatoes and parsley. Toss around and add in white wine and gives a few shakes with lid on. After 2 minutes; mussels open its done and tomatoes have given out juice. Serve with garlic bread or eat it on its own.