Lamb with roasted eggplant cheese and cherries tomatoes

Lamb with roasted eggplant cheese and cherries tomatoes.JPG   


8 pieces of lamb loin
salt and black pepper
spray oil
dash of Worchester sauce
3 tbsp olive oil
1 eggplant, cut length-ways wedges
1/2 packet cherries tomatoes, cut into pieces
1 Halloumi cheese


Marinade loin with salt and pepper and oil for 2 hours. Heat oven to  180 C.

Drizzle the oil over eggplant and bake in the oven for 35 – 40 minutes until softened. Meanwhile, slice Haloumi cheese, then arrange on top of wedges eggplant. Return to oven for another 15 – 25 minutes or until the cheese turn golden brown or roasted slightly. After 15 minutes, put slices of cherries on top of cheese and slightly roasted.

Put lamb in another tray lined with foil and bake on one side  for 10 – 15 minutes then turn over for further 10 minutes or to your liking. I like mine well done.

Serve lamb and eggplant with cheese and cherries with Tabasco sauce or tomatoes sauce.