Strawberry cake with strawberry white chocolate

Mother’s Day celebration

Google: “Mother’s Day is a celebration homering the mother of the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, most commonly in May for us in down under.”

“White chocolate is a confectionery typically made of sugar, milk, and cocoa butter, but no cocoa solids. It is pale ivory in colour, and lacks many of the compounds found in other chocolates such as milk chocolate and dark chocolate. White chocolate is generally not considered as healthy as dark chocolate, as it lacks the beneficial antioxidants and flavonoids found in cocoa solids.”

“A strawberry is a short plant in the wild strawberry genus of the rose family. It is a widely grown hybrid species of the genus Fragaria. The name is used for its very common sweet edible “fruit” and for flavours that taste like it. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of serious health conditions like cancer, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. It’s also an excellent source of: Magnesium. Phosphorous. Blueberries contain iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamin K. Each of these is a component of bone. Adequate intake of these minerals and vitamins contributes to building and maintaining bone structure and strength. Blueberries contain one of the highest antioxidant levels amongst commonly consumed fruit and vegetables.”

This year we celebrate Mother’s Day at home. It’s a pot luck dinner. Unfortunately, my nephew had tested positive Covid so the whole of his family members didn’t turn up. Well, we still have enough food to celebrate. As usual, I am the one to bring dessert. Though berries are expensive but on occasion I will buy it. I am glad that my cake turns out creative with my new strawberry moulds to make white chocolate in, coated strawberries with white chocolate and garnish with blueberries and for colour I have added grapes. Everyone enjoyed my cake saying its moist, beautiful and delicious. Let’s bake for Mother’s Day celebration.


White chocolate strawberry mould

290 g white chocolate
1 Tbs oil


250 g butter
250 g strawberries, sliced
250 g plain flour
200 g castor sugar
200 g yoghurt
120 ml orange juice (bought)
1 1/2 Tsp baking powder
1/4 Tsp bicarb soda


4 white chocolate strawberry (mould)
2 Strawberries coated in white chocolate
2 grapes, for colouring
3 fresh strawberries in the hole of the cake
100 g blueberries
white chocolate melted (cross design)


To do in advance one day

Place 200 g white chocolate in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Make sure water doesn’t touch the bowl and bowl sit tightly on the top of pot to prevent steam escape. Keep stirring from the middle out until all chocolate are melted. Remove from pot, switch off hob. Add in the remaining 90 g chocolate, stir until melted. Pour oil into melted chocolate, mix well. Let it cool for about 5 minutes before spooning about 1 1/2 teaspoons of melted chocolate into the strawberry shapes mould. Place in freezer overnight.

To unmould bring out for 5 minutes the turn over and gentle push out. Keep back in freezer until needed. Reserve the melted chocolate to coat strawberries. Place coated strawberries in a container in freezer. If melted chocolate harden: melt it over a pot of boiling water or easy faster in microwave, remember to stir and watch in microwave heat every 10-15 seconds until melted.

The next day

Preheat oven 160 degrees C. Grease the design bundt mould. Set aside. Sift flour, baking powder and bicarb soda together on to a deep plate. Beat butter for 2 minutes then add sugar and continue to beat until creamy and pale for 5-7 minutes.

Add in egg one at a time beating well each addition and alternate with yoghurt. Do not over beat. Fold in flour mixture alternate with orange juice. Next add in sliced strawberries and mix well until incorporated. Spoon batter into prepared design bundt pan. Give a couple of gentle knocks on the bench top. Smooth the top. Bake for 60 minutes or until skewer out clean. If cake brown too fast cover with foil or use a bigger metal bowl to cover.

Once cake done, switch off oven, leave cake in for 35 minutes with door close. When time up remove to wire rack to cool for 25 minutes. Then flip over to plate. Just before serving, decorate cake with fresh strawberries in the hole of the cake, top with two coated white chocolate strawberries, followed by strawberries white chocolate mould on top of cake opposite each other, two grapes across each other. Lastly blueberries on all the design holes. Then with a teaspoon of melted chocolate make a cross and also on opposite side. Enjoy with some fresh strawberries, strawberries coated in white chocolate, coffee, tea or dessert wine.