Herbs oreo mousse

While watching Netflix, I crave for dessert even when I just had dinner an hour ago. So, I pause my Netflix and rummage my pantry. Found a bar of oreo biscuit and peppermint essence. Then in the fridge I found sour cream, oregano and tarragon which I bought for my other dish. Thought about making mousse.

With easter coming up, children will be on holidays. This delightful dessert would be one of the entertainments for the children to do or rather helping out making dessert at home or having their friends over for a sleepover. Even adult too can have fun making their own creating a fresh and fun garden ambiance to finished off their meal.

Google: “A mousse is a soft prepared food that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. Depending on preparation techniques, it can range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick. A mousse may be sweet or savoury: the consistency of a dense foam, composed of a puréed chief ingredient mixed with stiffly beaten egg whites, whipped cream, or both.”

“This is probably the most crucial step and it’s what really defines the consistency of your mousse: adding air bubbles into the mouse. There are roughly two ways to do so: Whisk an ingredient that’s good at holding onto air itself, such as heavy cream or eggs. These aerators can be whipped cream, meringue (egg whites + sugar), pâte à bombe (whole eggs and/or egg yolks + sugar), or a combination. The base can be a whole host of things: melted chocolate, puréed fruit, fruit curd, or a prepared custard (like pudding or crème anglaise, a “vanilla sauce” of dairy base and thickened with egg yolks made on the stovetop).”

“Many mousse recipes call for gelatin to help set the mousse. (Agar agar can be an appropriate substitute should you be avoiding gelatin.) Other recipes, however, don’t require any thickener at all; this is usually when the base ingredient is chocolate, which helps the mousse set firm.”

My mouse is using oreo original, sour cream and peppermint essence. I am glad to experiment using sour cream a different ingredient to what I have search on google all using heavy cream or eggs, egg whites and sugar and so on as mentioned by google. It turned out cute, creative looks like a small glass plant pot, and delicious. Although, it worth the wait of 3 hours in refrigerator. Let’s make it and dig in!!!!

This recipe serves 2 people. Increase the amount if you are making more.



6 oreo original biscuits
200 g sour cream
a few drops of peppermint essence


4 oreo original biscuits
1 sprig oregano
1 sprig tarragon


Place the oreo and sour cream in a metal bowl making sure the oreo are completely covered. Cling wrap the plate and place in fridge for 3 hours. The idea is to softened oreo. Once 3 hours up, beat the oreo mixture on high speed to form a thick mousse. Drop a few drops of peppermint essence and beat to mix well.

Spoon the mouse into a glass dessert bowls or ceramic pots. Smooth top and place in fridge, while you make the garnish: place the 4 whole oreo in a mortar and pound it to look like soil. Top each mousse with crushed oreo and add a sprig of oregano and tarragon in the middle. Serve immediately.

Note: You can use double cream or eggs as said by many recipes. You can add fruits puree. You can add edible flowers or make sugar coating flowers. Make any garnish or decorate your little pots with bunny or easter eggs chocolate.